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pulmonary rehab

off to my rehab Which I attend twice a week Some days i really feel like i dont want to go i am 62 with COPD When i am in this frame of mind i just think of two ladies in the group who are 92 and 94 who are really remarkable It makes me feel that ashamed of myself that i jump out the chair and give myself a good talking to They are a reminder to everyone that you should never just sit back and let an illness take over but try to keep fit to the best of your ability I should think myself lucky to be given the chance rehab.

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Keep at it ! :)


Keep plugging away it's worth all the effort.

Kim xx


Excercises,excecises you must do your excercises.



Dont give in, acky. Wish I had the chance of PR in this area. Too far away. bye annie80x


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