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Rheumy appointment today 12th march

Hi everyone, I have sarcoidosis, asthma and signs of emphysema, plus other medical problems. I have been suffering with my joints for the last 12 months and have been told by the Rheumy that he thinks it is related to my sarcoidosis . My question is, does anyone suffer the same and if so what treatment are you getting? He did up my steroids to 10mg per day from 5mg. This doesn't seem to have done anything at all, I was hoping to reduce them not increase them.

I had X-rays of hands, which he said is osteo arthritis, also of feet and shoulders, not had results of these yet. Had a steroid injection in my knee in January which has helped a bit, but it is still very sore and painful when walking. I also have pain in ribs with nodules over them both sides which are very painful and restricts my breathing because of the pain, any suggestions what this could be? Also spinal pain top to bottom.

Sorry for all the questions, just need some advice as to what to ask at the appointment.


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Hi Jan, you do seem to be suffering an awful lot. I can only say that I care for hubby and he has had sarcoidosis for nearly 22 years. He gets all sorts of joint pain and has osteoporosis in his spine and hips. He only takes 10mg steroid per day now and has tramadol to help with his pain. Joint problems are generally sarc related but do see what results you get back from x-rays and take it from there. You may well have arthritis in more than your hands so need help with that too. Pete also has copd (bronchitis) plus other things so he knows how you are feeling. I do hope that you can get more help and never give up asking for that help. Have you been scanned for osteoporosis? You should be if you are still on steroids. We go up to the Brompton once a year now and Pete is checked over by them. Let me know how you get on and thinking of you. xxxxx


Hi Sassy59,

Sorry for not replying sooner, the Rheumy confirmed osteo arthritis in hands and feet, and calcification in my shoulders, he is sending me for tests for osteoporosis, so now waiting for appointment.



Don't you worry about not replying sooner, you have enough to be getting on with. It is good to hear from you and do let me know how you get on with your osteporosis appointment. I do feel for you and wish you well. Stay in touch Jan. xxxx


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