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I have an appointment!!!!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well!

Well, I have got my appointment for 2nd opinion sorted, it's this coming Friday 15th, having to travel to Leamington spa, hopefully we should get some answers very soon, has gone on for last 3 years.

Last time I posted, I was in the throws of a chest infection, well, 2 weeks of anti biotics and still got it, my own doc wants to put up the steroids again as these would help clear the chest infection but we have decided not to so that the new specialist can hear me wheezing and crackling properly!

I will post my results from new specialist as soon as I know what the outcome is, hopefully I will know what I have got wrong with me by then.

Everyone keep warm with this new cold snap around!

Jan xx

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Hope all goes well for you on Friday Jan and will be thinking of you. Pete has a check up for his prostate probs so we will be sat in a hospital too. Take care and wrap up well if you venture out. It is very cold today. xxxxx


I think you're right not to up the steroids until you see your consultant. Gp's don't always understand the needs of people with chronic chest problems. My own GP wants to put me on 40mg every time I have a chest infection, quite often, but my last, and present, consultant say that with my condition IPF they wont help at all.

Good luck with your consultation.


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