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Where would we be without computers

I often wonder where we would be without computers, especially on a website such as this, where we can exchanges news and views. Also we can access a wealth of information on our disease and its treatment that is not available to less developed societies or those unable to access the internet. Those of us who strive to understand our disease better are arguably better informed than most GPs. I know in my case I am pro-active in communicating new treatments to my doctors - many of whom simply don't have the time to access the information on treatments, drugs and techniques. Thank goodness I say for computers and the internet. I have been able to allay my greatest fears which at the same time able to understand that I am not alone in all this! Take care.

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They have their uses. :)


Yes, it's taken a lot of the mystery away from medical matters and made a lot of people realise gp's are jacks of all trades and masters of none, in a medical sense. Even my copd matron who visits at home is sadly lacking in knowledge of certain things to do with emphysema. I've listened to her chunnering on sometimes and thought what are you talking about, that's patently not correct and when I've challenged her, she's actually conceded what I've said is correct! The internet can be quite dangerous when researching a condition with many varying views on a particular question. At least on this site we have a wealth of knowledge between us, and although that knowledge will vary greaty due to the length of time we have had the illness, it is generally pretty accurate. I first discovered this site looking for information relating to copd related anxiety and what I did find helped me enormously and haven't had a full blown attack in months now, just got to get the day to day smaller anxieties under control now. So, for me, being on this site has been very useful. Libby



I think that without computers we would be back to leaflets, volunteers and the library.

I have all ways loved reading but without the computer we would be researching things in the local library and because of its nature we would be getting more books on our individual illnesses and if we had one of the lesser known ones we would be ordering a copy through the library or from your local bookshop. Knowledge is not really power but an understanding and with illness we need to get the understanding and also we would be righting to the newspapers as they would have a much larger readership as there would be no internet so most of our information would be from the TV and Newspapers (bit scary really)

It would be quite a different world without the computer.

Take care and kindest regards



At one time we had to spend a fortune on encyclopedias. Then look through countless pages to find what I wanted to know Today I google and answers are on the screen in front of me in a second. I have done hours of research into copd, read research papers. Learning about our condition each day. Formed a copd social network page on facebook, written a regular blog for three years about my journey with copd. Made friends from all around the world. Spoken with people face to face on the computer using Skype. I email friends and family in Australia and New Zealand, and they can read that email instantly with no delay. Where at one time an air mail letter would take days. I can shop and find the best bargains, all using the internet. In the evening I will often relax as I stream a film, through the internet. Yes the internet is now more than useful. It is to me - essential.:-)


Computers are great for the most part but we have to remember to look on proper medical sites and not get ourselves too scared. I like having all the information to hand but some people are horrified about knowing so much. I like to look up sarcoidosis and copd every so often just to remind myself of things that can and do happen with Pete. We had to use the library for info when Pete was first diagnosed with sarc nearly 22 years ago so have come a long way since then thanks to the internet. xxxxx


They're like a good woman - they dont't talk back (if you've got the sound button off!).


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