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constant feelng of tiredness

Hi All

In January I got a cold from somewhere, and as usual it went straight onto my chest (I have copd) I also have high BP

I have had 2 courses of Amoxillin and a steroid nasal spray that I must use at night in both nostrils.

When I get out of bed the next day, I usually cough two or three times and have a very runny nose, after I have blown my nose and finished coughing I do not cough at all for the rest of the day and my nose is fine.

Doc said it was the congestion running down onto my chest during the night.

The thing that is causing me concern is that I have no energy at all,

I can still manage my little daily walk but feel breathless for a short while, before I could manage the walk fine, no problems.

As I have mentioned on here before I suffer from severe health related OCD andI have convinced myself I have Lung Cancer as I had smoked quite heavilly all my life untill I quit when I had a heart attack in June 2007.

Now 2 weeks ago I went to the doc as this feeling tired was getting to much for me to handle, he said my BP was high at 175/101 and my heartbeat was a little irregular, he wanted a ECG and a full blood test done,

I tried to book an app with the receptionis but could not be fitted in till the 15th of March as the only qualified nurse to do an ECG was on leave.

Anyway my OCD got the better of me and I phoned the NHS direct helpline and explained the situation, they told me to go to A&E straight away.

I went on Sat the 2nd, they took my BP and it was 185/104 so they did a ECG and a full blood test The doctor said my ECG was perfectly fine and all blood tests came back normal,

They took my BP again and it was 166/91, mind you I was there for 9 hours.

I put the tiredness down at first to the BP tabs I was on (Lorsartan 100mg) I was fine on 50mg but my BP didn't come down so they upped it to 100mg, that is when this tiredness started.

So after I came back home from the A&E I decided to stop taking the BP meds, went back to docs and he changed it to Doxazosin 1mg daily.

I read the patient info sheet and tiredness is a common symptom.

I hope you can understand all the above because I can't :-(

To cut a long story short, is it normal to feel tired and breathless following a chest infection that lasted 10 weeks if you have COPD and do you think I am worrying needlessly over Lung Cancer,

by the way, I have no chest pain and have not lost any weight, really, just worried sick to be honest



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Oh yes vangellis, please stop worrying about the C word ... it takes absolutely AGES for our lungs - and our whole system, come to that - to get back to anything near what it was before the chest infection, sometimes as long as six months.

You are expecting too much of yourself. Take it easy, enjoy each day as it comes and I'm sure that with the change in your medication you will start to see an improvement in another few weeks.

I wish you well friend

keep on keeping on ........... :)


Chest infections really do knock you back and take a long time to get over, so don't worry.

I do understand it though as before Christmas I kept having pains in my back on one side and convinced myself I had lung cancer. I went to the doctor and had an X ray which was clear. It was only after all of that I learned that the pains were intercostal muscles and are common in some people with COPD.

Since taking up the gym, I don't get the pains as I am exercising my lungs better.

Lynne xx

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hi lnne.i mary. i have got copd.i was very ill.i stop the fag 1 year ago.i like to no more abut copd.i am let are killing me.


It was so good to read this! I am currently suffering from the same sort of pain and had convinced myself it was lung cancer...I have bullous emphysema stage 4 and have been panicking about this thank you xx


Depression and tiredness can sometimes go hand in hand. I am worried about these chronic chest conditions and need to sort myself out. Look out of the window and the weather doesn't help. All the best from Annie80x


i quite often will have a post viral fatigue which lasts a few weeks after i've got over any chest infection ... try to rest as much as you can when you need to, and dont push yourself into doing things before you are fully recovered as that will cause set backs ... hope u feel well soon


I think your doing ok really ... As far as your congestion a was reading we all swallow one liter of mucus so is inportant you stay hiydrated our conditions such as cope is over production of mucus / congestion might be worth asking your doctor about none steriod ant-inflatry inhaler ... But sounds like you doc is on top of your comdition

I have found if i put just a little waight on my brethlesness gets worse

Hope that helps and a would try not to worry ... All the best :)


When you lie down to sleep fluid pools in your lungs due to the prone position. You might find it easier with more pillows.

I asked my doctor about lung cancer. I was told they can tell about changes in the lungs with blood tests which I have done every year. She said lung cancer will cause repeated chest infections, lots of coughing up blood and losing a lot of weight. Mind you a friend of mine had those symptons (don't think she coughed up lots of blood) and it took months for the doctor to give her chest x-ray. When they did it was too late and the cancer had spread to her brain. She died 2 months after diagnosis. So I think its always better to be safe than sorry!

Bev x


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