Looked out this morning 6inch snow and a nice blizzard.Packed picnic, set of in blizzard,doesnt everything look nice and clean when it is snowing,arrive at mumsys in a blizzard and it minus 1deg.We have a sensible moment and have picnic in the sitting room,we had agreat time apart from when i tried to inhale half a boiled egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Me on hands and knees on the carpet going purple trying to cough this bloody egg out,,,,,, then i hear my darling mother inlaw say to my tina,,,, I HAD A DOG THAT USED TO DO THAT WHEN IT ATE TOO FAST,,,,,, It is just as well she is as deaf as a post as there was a lot of gasping and beeping going on just after her statement,,,,,PS when we left she was still alive,honest,,,,,,

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  • Oh God you have made me augh out loud with that one. Love your MIL.

    Lynne xx

  • I love her dearly,even though she is a bit batty,i would not have her any other way.

  • I don't know - and they say smoking's bad for you !


  • I have a tea splattered monitor now id ......... boy, you know how to live dangerously don't you ??


  • So funny, wish I was a mother in law so I can say outrageous things! One thing's for sure, you'll never forget your picnic! Libby

  • A real DOGGED story

  • Very funny and gave me a great laugh! Had this vision of it all. Oh dear! Hope all fine now though. xxxx

  • This is hilarious what a hoot. Lizzie xx

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