Shower stool

After years of struggling and hating showering because it was so exhausting I have bought a shower stool with a rotating seat.

I decided to try it out this morning it was so easy to use, with my feet firmly on the floor it was high enough for me to reach my shampoo and shower gel and then just spin around to rinse everything off. Worth every penny.

polly xx

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  • Are you a 'Stool Pidgeon'?

    Richard x

  • I should have expected something funny from you. :-D

  • I could make a joke about stools but it's Sunday so I wont ! :)

  • I have a stool in my shower too but it is bloody uncomfortable a rotating stool sounds great where did you get it from?

    There are some clever so and so's out there to think of things like this aren't there :)

  • Got it off ebay £30.

    polly xx

  • what a gr8 idea...i must get one. thanks ;)

  • I to think it's a great idea ,as i find bathing and showering a very tiring experience recently. I can't deal with the steam ! I've always got my bathroom window open to let most of it out also i have very long thick hair to deal with . A stool will certainly benefit me . Thanks Pollyjj :)


  • Hi Polly I have the same problem with showering and washing hair. would your shower stool fit in the bath or have you a wet room


    Sue x

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