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To steam or not to steam

Which is better for IPF, dry air or humidity? obviously not fog or pollen laden, but was wondering if steam is beneficial.?

PS isn't it amazing how the phrase "hope you have a good day" takes on a new meaning in these circumstances! Never really thought about it before,.... not just a throw away sentence anymore! Have a happy day everyone AL

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Hi ageing-lioness!

Might be just a case of sucking and seeing! I don't have IPF but I do know that some of my emphysemic friends prefer baths to showers because of the steam.

Be interesting to see what your results are, but I'd be inclined to have someone near you when you try - just to be on the safe side!



Thanks Mulie I'll post the results when steamed... should be ok for retaining vitamins anyway..... Have a good day AL


hi ,i don`t have ip f but what i find benificial for me (copd), is a bowl of hot water with menthol crystals added, a towel over my head and breathe in the steam it helps me. i must say be very careful with the crystals too many , and wow it takes your breath away (not permanently)


hi Whit,, i too use the menthol crystals and you are so right about using too many, i put two into a special cup i bought from wilkinsons a couple of year ago it has a plastic face mask and is good only cost £1 50..i also put in thee drops of eucalyptus essential oil ..take care. Bob

never give up....


I have IPF and I use a room humidifier (sells for about £125) that puts out a warm or cold mist. In cold dry weather, like we're having now, the humidity drops and we get dry itchy skin, a dry itchy nose, and more paricles of dry aggravating dust. I use the recommended relative humidity of 45 to 55%. I'm comfortable at 50% and I also use a saline nasal spray to keep my nose moist. Don't go higher than the recommended levels as it can lead to condensation on windows and encourages mould, which we don't want! Good luck.


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