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Salt Pipes

This is what I am up against with grumpy. He wanted me to get him a salt pipe, as he had read they were very good. It cost nearly £40 and when it came he gave it a go and his first words were, I am not using that again, it tastes salty.

If all his brains were dynamite, they wouldn't blow his hat off.

He is the most frustrating man I have ever met.

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Does he complain about his bacon tasting of bacon ?

Salt pipes are cheaper than that on Ebay and Amazon.

You really are up against it Sweetthing, how do you keep your patience, I bet I know where you felt like telling him to put is salt pipe.

Lib x

I told the Matron the other day that the next time he bends down I will stick his walking stick where the monkeys stick their nuts. Every meal I give him he complains about, he got up at 11.45 am the other morning and said, 'I know what I want for dinner, I want Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puddings, new potatoes and peas', what time will it be ready.

I told him there is no way I can cook a roast beef joint in 15 minutes, if he wants it he can have it for 2 pm, he said he was hungry now, I said I can make it with pre-packed, cooked cold Roast beef, but he would not have it, he ended up having egg and chips.

He is going to start pulmonary rehab in a few weeks time, so I thought great, I can have a couple of hours on my own, not a chance in hell, he says he won't go unless I go with him, I can't get rid of the grumpy old so and so for a second, he is doing my head in. I have told him that if he doesn't stop nattering I will take his oxygen away from him, that'll shut him up.

Oh dear,oxygen off,you really are upset Sweetthing.Salt pipe YUK.Roast beef--what's that.? Pulmonary Rehab will not let you be in the room while execises are taking place.

Won't they, thank god for that.

As far as I am aware it is something to do with 'Health and Safety' and other patients confidentiality.Hope you get a few minutes to yourself.

I can be a bit awkward occasionally,can't we all?,but I do know how to treat and respect a lady.

Far be it from me to contradict the King.......but I have done PR three times and there have always been partners there, mainly wives. It seems most women go on their own but either men seem to want partners there or wives want to support husbands.


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All the NHS Pulmonary rehabs I have given talks to both in Devon and Nottingham have had the same policies.


I can only speak of my own experiences in Yorkshire. I did two courses run by the local pulmonary team (though in a local venue, not at the hospital) and one in a hospice and all had the same relaxed view on partners attending.


oh sweetthing you are so funny in such dire circumstances. I bet he wont be able to bully the peiople at rehab. I dont know how you keep your patience with him.

Hi Maxer, that is funny, because the physio came to the house the other day and told him, in no uncertain terms, that she will not be messed about, he is going to have to commit to pulmonary re-hab otherwise there is no point in him going and it his life he is throwing away, not to mention causing me a lot of extra work when there is no need for it. When she went he said, what does she know about how I feel, I told him that if he doesn't go, we are finished, I am not helping him anymore. I think once he gets his stubborn head around it he will be okay, I told him I would wheel him to the clinic in the wheelchair then go off for a couple of hours and get a coffee somewhere. He said, I have been there before (which he has when he was first diagnosed) and they bully you, I said they don't bully you, they will not stand for your cr## that's all.

We will see how he goes, he has to still ring them and make the appointment, if he doesn't I will.

The other day he fancied a drive out, I hate going for a drive with him as it takes absolutely ages to get him in the car, you would think we were packing up for a weeks holiday. We had not got far when he wanted to use the toilet. He has a urinal with him at all times, it is his best friend, anyhow he got out and I had to stand guard whilst he stood at the side of the road with the front and rear car doors open so no-one could see him, you would not believe it, the next door neighbour came round the corner and stopped to see if we wanted help, the neighbours from across the street were also driving past and they stopped to help, I have never seen anyone wee as fast in all my life. After they had driven off we had to go home because he dropped the urinal and it splashed all down the front of my clothes, I could have killed him, he thought it was funny. It is like living with one of the three stooges.

Well all I can say sweetthing is that your life certainly is never dull. Best of luck with the rehab I hope the old b****r goes so that you get a bit of piece from him for a couple of hours. x

He has no choice, either he goes or I stop looking after him.

i think your mr grumpy is terrified of being on his own,stop doing to much for him,,you need his support to stay strong to help him!!!!! about time he woke up and realised that.

Yes, you are so right, we now have a man from the Mental Health coming to see him to talk things through with him, so we will see if that helps.

things still bad then sweetthing well i did get my mens plastic pee pot but ive only used it for a fue days when i was very bad its only 5 yards to the loo but i manage to get there

when he gos to rehab is he on his oxygen i find it odd last time i want 2 were on oxygen and thay could both do a lot more then me i had to do most things in my wheelchair as about 30 secound is the most i can be on my feet all the best to you tho

Oh sweetthing, I think your sense of humour is amazing considering what you go through on a daily basis. Bless your heart! Pete is a bit stubborn too and refuses a salt pipe even though I have heard they are good so I think, well don't have one then. We try and help don't we and then wonder why we waste our breath. You take care of yourself too and get all the help you can if possible. Lots of love. xxxx

I told him this morning that life would be easier if I were on my own, and I was fed up to the back-teeth with him. We bought a stairlift for him to be able to help himself more, but no, I have to wait at the bottom of the stairs whilst he goes up and then wait until he comes down (just in case), just in case of what I don't know. I once had a friend who had a husband like mine who liked to be in charge, when he died his son said to her, you can live your life as you want now mum. She got cancer and died within 8 months. I don't want to be in that position and I am getting so fed up with him that sometimes I wish he would trip over his oxygen tube and break his bloo### neck.

I really feel for you sweetthing as I felt that with the stairlift at least, things would be better all round but it appears not to be the case. I think he is so reliant on you that he doesn't know how to do things for himself anymore. It just seems to be awful for you and I hope that the man from the Mental Health can help as you need all the help you can get. Take care and hear from you soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When he came, my husband was very upbeat with him, said he was doing okay so that is it for the next 6 months.

I have not been well today, I have got an illness called Sjogrens syndrome, dry mouth, eyes etc. etc. and my mouth is full of ulcers and sores, they come and go every few days, so it is painful to eat and talk, so that is making me bad tempered with him, because choose how off I feel I have to carry on the same day in and day out. He gets up in the morning, with my help, then sits down until 11 at night and I get him to bed and that is it. I am usually fit and well apart from the mouth ulcers so I manage., but I just wish he would think about me rather than himself once in a while because he knows full well if I couldn't look after him he would go into a care home.

That is my moan for today.

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