Ceiling fan versus open window

Last December there was much written about the case for and against open windows Winter and Summer. Fortunately we live in a Queensland (timber walls and on stilts (stumps they call them here). Brisbane suffers from high humidity in the Summer especially before and after rain (this year has been noticeably wet like the UK). We have ceiling fans (and a-c which we don't use that much). My wife likes to open the window - just above our heads whereas I like the ceiling fan. I guess we have compromised and take it in turns - when the fan is on...the OH snuggles down so much I sometimes wonder if she is in fact in bed (LOL). I also have an air purifier which helps expecially when we have grass fires which we did serveal times this year. My nose it now highly attuned to any hint of smoke (some people in the area have wood fires in Winter). It has got so bad at times that I watch TV wearing a mask. Heaven knows what it is like for those living in Beijing and Shanghai - not a place I would like to visit anytime soon!

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  • Hard to imagine your weather at the moment. After 1-2 days of spring, the winter has kicked in again with a big vengeance. Big sigh. Temps of -7 degrees promised. I think my eyes told me right. More snow. Not a good idea to go out - hits the lungs, coughing +++ I tend to keep the window closed but I do have a fan to keep the air circulating. Visited Beijing years ago and remember the smog. My dream to visit NZ but not in this lifetime!!

  • Just realised I have committed a BIG howler, Martin. I am fully aware that Brisbane is in OZ - hear the name enough in Neighbours. Oh Dear! I bite the dust - please forgive -- Love Anniex

  • Hi Martin, we have a log fire in the winter but I always have a quarter light window open just a fraction. In summer (??!!) if the temperature is higher outside than in the house then you should close the windows and use a fan otherwise you're just letting warm, humid air in - this is what I think, others may think otherwise.

    Lib x

  • Bedroom window slightly open at night in the winter, open all day in the summer and at night.

    Me! outside all of the summer.

    polly xx

  • Window closed in winter.I like to be snug as a bug in a rug


  • am in scotland....havw windows open in winter and shut is summer.....to keep polen out. :)

  • i'm the other way round to MrsV, windows shut in winter and open in summer ... but thats more to do with the hot sweats i suffer from the menopause lol

  • me has a wonky thermostat Jankindon...lol

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