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Hi everyone. Not my health problem but my .......... computer again! Anyone mind if I ask for help please?

When I click into internet It doesn't come up. All I get is Microsoft Windows. When I sign in another window comes up with - It appears someone is using your account. Well no one else has access to it. I am locked out of my account. It then asks me for another email address (I don't have one or want one) and then asks me for my code. I don't know what they mean. I don't have a code. How do I fix this please?

Bev x

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PM Gordon?

Looks like licance issues ... When did you buy comp


My brother works as it guy ... And a lot of people buy computers from local shops ... Shops load operating systerm onto your computer but thay have to regadter it

If the shop or who ever as maxed out software it will come the crap when you try and use it

I could be wrong ... But as its asking for code don't think i am

I assume its new as its just hapend?

Need to take it back if you can or get software code

Hope that helps all the best :)

Just what are you trying to get in to ? Internet Explorer, Google Chrome - or another web browser, or is this where you have the browser open and you cannot log into something like your email account?

Very difficult to remote diagnose a computer problem, I spent years as a professional for some big companies. Always easier to go see the person with the problem, instead of them attempting to describe that they are doing.

At this time of night it's not going to be possible to phone, but I'll try and help when I can on Sunday if that's OK?

A think its default web page .. But like you say gordon very hard to try and find out unless talk or see .. But still intresting :O

A think it is operating systerm ... But like you say who knows unless you can see or talk

All the best snd nice to see you back gordon :)

My sympathies, BEV.


Good morning, apologies for the caps. Kindle \fire is word sensitive. Stop that nonsense by using caps. I am no expert here, like Gordon. A year or two ago, I was using hotmail. It got on my nerves. I changed to gmail and Google. No problems since . Good luck -- Annie80xx

It's many years since I last touched Hotmail. Lots of reasons, mainly because I look after my own email. I don't even use the addresses provided by Virgin, apart from for their own billing.

Hotmail is now - although that still defaults to when you go to sign in. I actually have an address, I don't use it. I just set it up so I knew how.

I've used Google Mail (Gmail) for a long time, much easier and offers more. I also use, a very similar service to Gmail. You can add extra email addresses if you wish. I have a couple that I use for quite specific services and I can then filter incoming messages into their own folders.

But, getting back to the subject, I don't yet know if this is a mail issue. It's just where my initial investigations into the message took me.

Not having a good night, I was up at 6am with chest problems so had another look at this whilst having a cuppa :)

"It appears someone is using your account" seems to be to do with a Hotmail type email account., There is a new signing in system since I last used Hotmail. It's all been moved to to sign in. I was trying to find out what the 'single use code' is, but I don't have an old account to log in to to try it out. It's something to do with using your email account on someone else's computer.

If that's not it, please let me know. There is a way of resetting a hacked password at but I can't guide you through this as I don't use Hotmail to be able to try it myself and give a guide.

Sadly, a lot of online email accounts get hacked by spammers, who just pick on an address and use it, which then gets it blocked. I have my own domain names and get loads of junk mail, much of which is 'bounced' messages to say a mailbox is closed or not accepting mail, and I know I've not sent a message to that address.

My best guess is that some kind soul has mis-used the email address and got it suspended. As I say, if I'm barking up the wrong tree, let me know and I'll PM my phone number or something later.

No idea what time I'll be back on, I'm going back to try and get some more sleep if I can now.

There is that option, depending on the provider. Not all are helpful. I'm with Virgin, they prefer to spend an hour switching the computer off and back on before they even get your name right :O

I did twice. They say it not their problem but to do with microsoft. Grrrrrrh

Im new here so Hello,all

You could have a look at your settings


some programs and noughty web sites can change them,

but need to know what your trying to access ????

hope it help you

Will also help if I can but like other I need to know what you are trying to access, is it Internet Explorer or your email account. Which version of windows are you using?


Good lord Bev, I do hope you have managed to get to the bottom of your computer problems. What a pain in the backside. We usually contact our provider as I would not have a clue otherwise. Good luck and hope you are back online properly very soon. xxxxx

Thanks for your replies everyone. My internet is Windows XP Explorer. My email address is hotmail. Bought computer about 7 years ago and I think its Windows 7. When i open internet I get MSM page. It then asks me to sign in with email address and password. When I do this it tells me it appears someone is using my account (No one else has access). It then asks me for a new email address (don't have one) and for my microsoft code. Don't know what that is. Clicked email link from my desktop and in programmes. All I get is emails from Dec 12. Can't access any newer than that. Its driving me potty! Any advice would be much appreciated. Have googled microsoft but everything they suggest brings me back to - someone is accessing my account. Its a vicious circle. I can't even find a telephone number for them. Gordon I will pm you my tel number. Thank you.

Bev x

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