Sybicort versus Seretide

I recently saw a locum specialist (my usual pulmo was away). I told him that I felt that Symbicort was of limited effect after taking it for some 6-7 years of varying strengths - currently 400/12 (I also take Spiriva). He suggested I try Seretide 250 and gave me a sample. I tied it today as my morning "starter". At first it didn't seem that different....but wait more was in shower was a bit more breathless than usual as was the towelling down. Breakfast was much more breathless. Suffice to say after an hour of panting and feeling pretty piXXed off, I took a suck of Symbicort and whilst not a sigificant great I felt significantly better. I guess the moral is - "Whilst it is OK to try new medications from time to time - they are not always beneficial". Stay well!

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  • Hi Martin, I've been taking Symbicort for many years and every time they persuade me to try another one now I say NO! When I've been persuaded to in the past, I have the same result as you. Maybe new ones need to be tried for more than one or two days for the full effect, but let's face it - even being more breathless for 2 days is more than we can cope with. Libby

  • Try reading this web page ('m on fostair twice a day + spiriva once a day and salbutamol as required. None are helping much. Am suffering a flare-up presently due to a cold and URTI and am wheezing like a set of leaky bellows and taking doxycycline plus prednisolone - nothing is really helping so I guess it's back to the GP this week! :,-(

  • I have been on Symbicort and Spiriva for two years, wonderful stuff, as I have said before. I did try Seretide, but had a really violent reaction after a week or so, the Doctor who came to rescue me said I was not the first case he had seen. It suits a lot of people but not all.

  • Thank you it is nice to know it was not just me!!

  • Not wishing to teach "grandparents" to suck eggs but apart from the meds - I use both Spiriva and Symbicort 400/12 and have done for 8 years with no problems (touching wood!)- have you thought about a towelling bath robe for after bath or shower? Saves energy by just wrapping it round you and you just don't get out of breath trying to get dry, quite brilliant and I was pleased when someone suggested it to me...........

  • I have been on Seretide 500 for years now and it is brilliant for me.I too use the bath robe idea.

  • it isnt until you stop a long standing medication and trying something else does it transpire your arigonal was better even it was slightly


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