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Just decided to find some answers to why I feel so unwell. Been looking for answers

I have lung condition bronchectisis I was diagnosed 3 years ago but feel very low at the moment no energy had three infections in last four months. Pain in right bottom lobe where the bronchectisis is I take carbocisteine and an inhaler, but feel my quality of life is poor. I feel there is something else going on. I don't know what to do I don't know how I will feel from day to day I dread waking up. Does any one have any suggestions I am a lady in early fifties.

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go to docs and ask for more tests


My doctor is not the best and just hands out antibiotics but I will insist on further tests. Thanks


A. Like to say sumthing reasuring but think it just your condition myself feel like you describe most days i have ask gp about pain in lung and he said could be mucus or strain pain from coughing

Like Mommalou says might be best phoning gp or blf help line if worried

All the best :)


Go to your doctor and ask for a referral. Although it doesn't suit everyone Bronchiectasis can be managed through the taking of an antibiotic 3 times a week. As I say it might not be right for you and it would need to be a consultant that makes the decision.

I think it's worked well for me and a number of others but for others as I already said, it didn't work so well.

Marie x


Hello Christina110

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. a lot of us are I think at the moment with this horrible weather which seems to be going on for ever.

after 3 infections you will feel off colour for a while, tired, depressed etc. Takes a while to get over these things. I have been lethargic and out of sorts since xmas, continual colds.

stay strong Christine eat well [says I who has a rubbish diet at moment] working on it tho !

waiting for warmer weather then out to the garden to pull a few weeds.

do you live on your own ? that makes things a lot worse . I,m in my 70s started muttering at the bear sat here beside me lately.!!

Take care and I hope you feel much better soon.

Ivyleaf x.


Thanks everyone for your advice and words of support I feel like I am always complaining to my family they just don't understand. This is the first time I have spoken openly about how I feelx


My doctor wasn't up to scratch so I changed to another one. Within 2 days he had got me an appointment at the pulmonary part of the hospital and I got diagnosed properly and got put on the right medicines. I have emphysema.


I have just tried to change our doctor as we never get to see anyone, all our doctor does is give repeat presciptions, have been in hospital 5 times now in 7 months, asked to be referred back to lung consultant (who I havn't seen for 2 years now) back in November and never heard a thing. Filled all the forms in and got a phone call back from the new doctor's surgery saying that he wouldn't take me, different county, and he couldn't come out to us (only 5 miles away). Didnt really want the doctor only want the services of the COPD nurse, might as well sign the death certificate now.


I had similar problems to yourself trying to get my husband referred. Does your Surgery only have one GP, trying another GP within the practise can be helpful. Always remember you are a 'consumer' with your surgery & as such have certain rights. You can insist on seeing a respiritry nurse & also a review with your consultant should do so. As Brits we don't like to 'make a fuss' however in the end that is exactly what I did and it worked. It was like flicking a switch since October when I 'finally' lost patience & started talking legal rights & enforcing them..we have had resp Nurse, Community resp nurse, visits to both Thoracic & Cardio consultants & another due next week. Make a fuss & do it tomorrow!


They do have other doctors in the surgery but they all just as bad. Had a respiritry nurse out to us once but she said that she would only come out if I was bed ridden. The only person that cares and is really good at her job is a copd nurse that we met at a Breatheasy meeting, but I cant be seen by her as she is under the surgery that I was trying to move too. Have started to shout and complain when I was in hospital last week and have got an appoitment now with consultant in April. But just feel no one really cares or want to help thought it was about duty of care but not in this county. Thanlks for your support though.


sometimes you have to stamp your feet, stick your bottom lip out and have a grown up temper tantrum to get your way. I've been getting ill regularly every Winter for 5 years and its only just this last time one of my surgery's Docs has suggest getting tested for COPD.

Christina, go back to your surgery and tell them you are not leaving until you have been referred to a lung specialist, you might feel a helluva lot better, psychologically, for taking control ;)


Hi Christine, I know just how you feel, I too have Bronchiectasis. I got to the stage where I couldnt go on. I saw GP and said I needed to go back to Consultant ASAP. He was very understanding and arranged for me to go within 1 month. I have not looked back. I take Azithromycin 3 times weekly and this keeps me feeling well. It is not a miracle drug but it certainly has enhanced my quality of life. Good luck and take care of yourself. Maximonkey


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