Horse sayings Hee HEE .a little humour for HealthUnlockders

Horse sayings that you can only say in a horse barn

* You look good on him!

* I need spurs and a whip to really get him going.

* He's to much for her,maybe you should get on.

* I didn't recognise you in clothes!

* There's nothing like having 17 hands between your legs

* I'm going to get off now.

* He's a bit of a bumpy ride,just try not to grip with your thighs too much.

* He needs a good 20 mins to warm up.

* Relax your back,don't pinch with your knees,go with the motion,rock your pelvis.

* Don't pump too much.



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12 Replies

  • sounds like 50 shades of grey!!

  • You galloped to that one annie

  • These are the Tesco Value range sayings ?

  • Super marketing !

  • Typical King, Always horseing around.

  • Got the bit between my teeth

  • Gee KOTCTs, what a neigh - few. (Who's this person who keeps trying to sell us things!)

    lib x

  • Don't know who or what,let's hope they don't get out of the starting block

  • come on now - trot some more off.

    just love them all

  • Clip clop,clip clop

    Keep tuning in to your humour station known as KOTC

  • the few days when you were of the site, were you trapped in the horse barn enjoying yourself

    learning all the thing about the horse.

    what would you have done in a cow milking shed with the cows and the cow milking maid


  • Do you mean that pretty little maid sitting on the three legged stool.I would have run,her reputation went before her!

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