Having been a smoker all my life,at the age of 63 now my lungs are now knackered.During my life i always kept myself fit,so this copd was a shock to me!!!!! Have found it very difficult to stop,even though i cant breath well,and spend most of day like a fish out of water gasping for air.One month ago went on to electronic cigarettes not ideal but tottaly removes the nicotine craving,and does not fill up your lungs with tar and gunge. any thoughts folks.

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  • If you want to live,you must pack the fags in my friend.Go to your doctor tell him you wish to stop smoking & ask him to put you on champix.I stopped & i smoked 60per day for over 40yrs.Good luck.

  • I smoked for over thirty years and stopped eight month ago with the help of nicotine patches and inhilator, I had the support of the STOP SMOKING GROUP at my pharmasists where I went to a fortnightly meeting. I have never looked back since. I think it is the modt important thing health wise to pack in.xx

  • Do whatever it takes to stop smoking with copd.

    Good Luck

  • Dont take away the craving make them less desperate, finding I care more about living or dieing than I thought I did this could keep me alive.

  • Ease yourself off the e cig as there is still stuff going into you lungs and the hand to mouth habit is still there. Having said that you are doing well, it's not easy, I did it with patches nearly 2 years ago.

  • You want to do it so keep in touch with my mate WILL POWER.He helped me a lot

  • I was wondering before the invention of the wicked weed, whenever that was, how clear and healthy people,s lungs were.

  • Interesting question Annie. We have to go all the way back to Sir Walter Raleigh, who introduced tobacco to us sometime in the1500s. My theory is that people did not get COPD then because they did not live long enough for it to develop, the average life span being about 40 years!

  • Ive just stoppd almost two weeks ago using the ecig..heard a few horror stories about champix which put me off using that. Found it bearable with the e cig..and think if its got me off the fags thats gotta be gud...:-)

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