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can anyone advise re: management of lung crackle, base of left lung,after flu/ pneumonia-feel exhausted after effort

since november, have had 6 courses of antibiotics-2 X week courses both left me feeling shattered

no more help from GP or hospital

up to last october had been very fit for over 2 years

had pneumonia in 2008 and similar start of 2010 which apparently left scarring at base of lung

am desperate to know if I will improve over time or in better weather.

cold weather, even though wrapped up warm brings on cold symptoms-amtaking a lot of vitamins

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Sorry, Deezies, you are feeling shattered after feeling well up to last Oct. You need help and reasssurance. This should come from your GP/nurse. Do ring BLF. They are very All the best Annie


thank you very much, Annie


I think things will inprove everyone is strugaling with colds and infections is part and parcil of our conditions ... Just have to take every day as it comes

All the best


thanks for your reply


was in hosp ane for 11hrs could not find me a bed saw my own gp he said he didn t know what was worst my wheeze or crackle just gave me more antibiotics and steroids and sent copd nurse out


thanks for replying


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