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I'm an oldie newbie :->>

Good day all. My name is Leonie and pretty new to social networking - I don't even know if that the correct terminology! :->> As this is my first attempt at posting, please bear with me if I fudge it up.

Anyway, I thought it only right to introduce myself before hopping into a discussion. I live in South Africa where there is simply no COPD support of any kind anywhere, so the UK scene is as close to home as I'll get. Looks pretty fine to me too, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with you all.

I'd like to know where one finds the emoticons and whether pictures/images/links can be embedded into our posts. Take care, Leonie

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First on the scene, Leonie, No you have not fudged anything up. Clearly written and easy to read. Welcome to this site where you will meet many friends and any problems given attention. Love from Annie60x

WOW, that was speedy! Annie, thanks so much for your warm welcome. I'm pretty much a say-at-home girl and I get kinda lonely, but this site is sooooo welcome into my home. Care for some coffee and lemon creams?

Amazing since we are living thousands of miles apart. I could done with this technology in WW2 when my sister married and went to live in the US. Remember feeling so devastated. Love to enjoy your lemon creams but feeling a bit poorly.

Now you're talking ! May need the recipe.....just a welcome from me, my husband has PF so I can't help a lot with COPD but there are plenty of other here who can ! I see you are 3 hours ahead of us, so enjoy your lunch...


Hello Leonie, welcome to the site. If you wern't so far away I would pop in for some lemon creams and a coffee.

Lib x (from a damp, cold, plus snow tomorrow) England.

Hi and welcome Leonie. There's some smileys here.

Wonderful! Thank you. Now, do you perhaps know whether it's possible to pop a picture or graphic into our posts? Hope so, they are my life savers when words run dry.

Hello Leonie

Welcome to the site, you'll get great advice from everyone on here I know I have.


Oooooo, I can see that this site is going to get me into a heap of trouble - my husband is already tap dancing because I haven't started lunch yet! Oh well, any action is better than none! :-D Will catch up later.

Hi Leonie, welcome to the site I am sure you will get great advice from many of the wonderful caring people on here.

I have a friend living in South Africa, she is coming over this year it will be the first time I have seen her in 27 years.

polly xx

You can add a single picture when you start a new blog or question, that will then appear right at the start. The only other thing you can add at present are YouTube clips, they can be embedded into a message or reply.

The site is being developed still, I think the ability to add pictures was going to be included. A planned change to the system is due in the next few weeks. I know the ability to add smiley faces more easily is part of that.

Thanks Gordon. Those smilies are great - they really do personalise a post and, when the site enables us to include pictures aswell, the party will rock! 8-)

Hi Leonie I live in South Africa I am in Boksburg Gauteng I agree nothing for us with COPD no rehabs where are you living

Hello and welcome Leonie. I also have COPD. Look forward to getting to know you better. :)

There are many American sites where valuable experience is found amongst a much larger population . Welcome into a small backwater of the world copd family.

hello and welcome people on here are very nice

Hello from me too. I have moderate COPD, age 58, self employed, go to the gym and grow lots of veg. Its sad to hear there is little support in SA, but please ask away on here. I know it would be an international call, but you could also phone the BLF helpline.

Let us know more about you, what medication you have, what support and we can all give our very wide range of opinions! All I would advise is to avoid too many American sites about COPD as many have old or incorrect information, despite the size of the country.

Lynne xx

Hi there, welcome to the site, you will find lots of support here which is nice if you are so far away and isolated from the condition, we all know how you


Hi Leonie, lovely to meet you. They're a good bunch on this site if a little doolally at times (mad as a box of frogs springs to mind!). It's a shame there isn't much help for COPD'ers in SA, but the people on this site are full of valuable information and moral support. As Lynne says, the American sites are not always the best source for info.

Jude xx

Hi Leonie and welcome to the site. I'm sure you will find lots of information and support here.

Take care


I'd like to welcome you both too. Especially if you are handing out the biscuits ;-) I don't have COPD, I have Bronchiectasis. But I know you will find lots of support on here from everyone.

Kath xx

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