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VAT and oxygen equipment equipment


can anybody help I am 85 with IPF and need oxygen but all the vendor sites are very coy about the VAT being charged. I have already waited a month for the assesment and cannot move without feeling dizzy and dont know what to expect from the NHS

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Hi - if you are in the UK you don't pay anything for your oxygen. If you have a home concentrator because you need it all the time the electricity to run it is paid as well.

Good luck!


I think it must be a UK question paying VAT Americans pay state tax I believe.

See above is correct. I am in precisely this situation. My concentrator was serviced yesterday cost met by NHS. Do not worry, try and speed up your assessment with respiratory clinic.

Good luck,


Keep pushing for that assessment tell them you're having dizzy spells when you move, it's all free even the electricity the concentrator uses as mentioned above. The engineers are friendly and helpful

Lib x

thank you all so much you have all been so quick to put my mind at rest. I cannot understand where these sites are selling equipment I am literaly gasping for breath I thought it must be because the NHS kept you on such a long wait hoping you die


Vendors will be vague until the oxygen assessment is carried out. Once the prescription is known it would be a simpler matter in choosing the equipment that matches the HOOF (home oxygen order form) assuming that oxygen is required and the equipment that will meet your needs is not available under the NHS contracts for home oxygen.

Very little can be done until an assessment is made, the fall risk raises this this to a matter of urgency making the hospital aware of this will be prudent.

Your GP can also arrange for an oxygen supply it only takes a phone call from him, or indeed your surgery. It would be a good deal quicker that waiting for a hospital assessment.

By the by be very careful if you go down the buy your own route. There are a lot of machines out there that are not worth the money and wont do the job. The ones that are good are very expensive. But you don't have to pay the VAT you just fill in a form that they should supply but wont unless you ask.

Good luck X

thank you all DNOMX

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