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Good morning fellow sufferers.

I have been awake all night coughing up copious amounts of green mucus/phlegm that tasted disgusting.As it is Saturday & feel i am in need of anti-biotics what is the correct procedure? do i go to A&E.? walk in centre ? or call out the nurses from the urgent care team ? thanks in anticipation of answers x :)

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I would call the nurses as a start, then a walk in if they don't come through. The important thing is to start those abs NOW! Get well soon. xx

My correct procedure is keeping a supply in. Maybe speak to your GP for next time? :)

Hi pedantic, can't improve on Auntymary's advice - spot on. Hope you've already taken action.

Good luck,


Thank you both x

If I didn't have a backup pack of antibiotics and steroids at home under self-management already then I'd be calling my own GP's out of hours service first.

Oh pedantic, sorry you are not well. I agree with the advice given, maybe ring nhs direct and get them to sort it out for you. We don't have walk in centres down here in South Wales where I am so it is either go to hospital or we use an out of hours service.

Either way, green is not good hun as you know so the earlier you get the antibiotics in the better.

Get well swn hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As above and also talk to your doctor about having emergency supply in future

Thank you all x

I hope you got sorted out??????????

I.m sorry auntmary,i did not.I have had such a lot to do.If i have a bad night tonight i promise i wll see someone tomorrow.thank you so much for your concerns xx

Green plus nasty taste = infection.

Waiting another 24 hours = taking a silly risk.

I have just slapped your hands. Get it sorted soon as.


May i also thank you for your concerns.After all you have been through with your dear STILL have time for others.You are an angelxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Get well real soon.

Hi Auntymary is right. My GP gives me an emergency pack,consisting of 4 weeks supply of Predisilone and Amoxycillin. His instuctions are to take some when I feel I MAY have an infection RATHER than wait for it to get really bad. Apart from the obvious it gives you comfort that should any problems arise you have the answer in your medicine cabinet.

Get well quickly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you got the help you needed pedantic. Keeping a supply of antibiotics is a must in this house. Take care and get well soon. xxxxxx

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