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What will I do tomorrow morning?

I'll be lost tomorrow morning when I wake up for the first Saturday in almost 2 years without the need to take that blooming Alendronic Acid horse pill!! Whoohoo!!!

I can have a cup of tea when I wake. I can take it back to bed.

I can go away on weekends and not be terrified of being alone taking that pill.

Can you tell this pleases me? :-D

Marie x

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Congratulations on being able to kick the horsepill into touch Marie *round of applause*

Enjoy your cuppa and .......

keep on keeping on :)


Lynne xx

What a nuisance that 'little' pill is - enjoy your freedom. Incidentally how did you gain your freedom?

I finally came off steroids on 31 December. Kept taking AA until I saw my consultant on Tuesday and he agreed I needn't take it anymore or the calcichew. I'm sitting here enjoying my cuppa now! ;-)

Lucky you. My GP wanted me to come off it so sent me for a Dexa scan. Result came back that I had oestopaenia so still on the thing plus just had Adcal added - on a higher dose than my 87 year old mother!!!! I'm only in my 50s.


Sorry to hear that. Had dexa last year and was ok. Not had one since. Were you not always on Adcal? I thought they were automatically dished out with steroids?

Good luck

Marie c

You lot are lucky that your GP even remembers they put you on it. I`ve been on Ibandronic acid (that`s the monthly one) and AdcalD3 for more years than I can remember. Dexa scan has never been mentioned tho I`m on steroids at least four times a year and was on high doses of them for about 12 months when I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Think I`ll be making an appt with the doctor to discuss things. Sheila x

My husband was prescibed this in November last year, because he had been off and on steriods for about 5 years, but they caused him stomach problems and has decided not to take them anymore our doctor never mentioned that he should be taking anything for bone protection, but our copd nurse mentioned it. Has never been tested was is a Dexa scan for?

I was on steroids permanently on a fairly high dosage hence the Adcal and AA. Not sure if they are given if you are on the odd dose for exacerbations etc.

steroids are usually prescribed with omeprazole to protect your stomach.

A dexa scan measures the density of your bones.

Marie x

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