My Apologies

Apologies to you all

I lost my Virgin....on Tuesday.Terrible time losing it.However they have been today and fitted me with a new super hub! Apparently I will be a lot faster now,so watch out !

................Patience is a virtue

................possess it if you can is seldom found in a woman

................and never found in a man!

Richard Cornish


Join a super hub-your local Breathe Easy Group

Details from BLF on 03000 030 555

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  • Really missed you and your humour. Nice to know you are Ok... I must admit that I learnt that rhyme as ALWAYS found in a woman and never in a man. Oh well you can't be right all the time! Te He

  • My Poetic licence!!

  • Losing a Virgin is very careless of you Richard !! ;) but I'm glad you found her again :)

  • So am I

  • Glad to see you back.

    Missed you xxxx , kissy, kissy xx

    Lynne xx

  • Thank you Lynne and lots of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfor you to.

  • You have been greatly missed , Pleased to see you back , :-)

  • I am glad to be back.Lost without my PC

  • Missed you, welcome back

  • Thank you ,hopefully I will stay on line now

  • Just got our Virgin super-hub installed, yes we are a lot faster now. Ours came last year for us to do it ourselves and when I opened the box and read the instructions I had a melt-down and closed it up again. So this last week I called Virgin and asked them to do it for me, now we are up and running.

  • Theres's no stopping me now at the new speed

  • missed you and your super verses, so lets have many more


  • Keep tuned in to KOTC jan

  • Just a little pray fpor Richard, When my patience seems too short, help me stretch it, teach me how to meet a crisis with a smile. When I'm running out of quick and clever answers, let the questions stop for just a little while.When it seems as though the day has too few hours in which to do the things I have to do,may I always find the time for what's important- time for listening, time for love and laughter too. Oh and a little gardening too saw your article and picture in breathing space very good especially the tips.Best Wishes

  • Did you notice that I had the runner uo prize in the Stew competition,see page 32

  • Did notice the favorite recipe, but sorry have to admit I didn't read the foot note. Well done on getting second place.Sadly I won't be trying your recipe as tripe is difficult to acquire these days and I just don't like it, however my mother likes tripe, so she may try it.Keep the articles coming I enjoy them along with many others.I used to garden a lot had two allotments at one time, now its very low level look after yourself type plants and a mini lawn.

  • Luckily we do not need a Virgin but sometimes have problems with all the TalkTalk going on! Glad to have you back again Richard. Now you stay put! xxxxx

  • Talk waffle,gossip ,chatter

    Keep tuned in to KOTC

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