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who can help me cope with esa assesment

i have had copd for ten years,also sleep apnea and use a cpap machine as well as other medical conditions. i have just been told i need to have an assesment for esa. I live alone and have help and support from family and friends but i cant tell them i just want to die as i dont feel i can cope with it. who can i ask for help with this .

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Hi grippo2,, am not sure what you cannot tell your family,,is it the esa assesment or just how ill you are,i would ring the blf helpline on 03000 030 555 and talk to them,, if you don,t attend you might get any monies payed to stopped,,i would seriously tell your family,,its not the end of the world and we have all been thru this,,i myself have my assesment in April,,,when is your assesment,,blf will send you out all you need to know about esa,,good luck and give them a ring,,they are brilliant people


thank you for replying to me . my assesment is in april to. i have talked to my family today and told them about how i am and what effect it has on me, i will ring blf and ask for there help, thank you for your advice and good luck with yours to.

I agree, both about the BLF and about CAB. They can put the point across using the same language as the assessors. Good luck.

hello auntmary i appreciate your advice and will be acting on it asp thanks again.

hello stitch thank you for your reply, i dont even know how to get the information i need from doctors as i have fybromyliga diabetes copd anorisam and sleep apnia so any advise helps. i will definatley be contacting blf on monday . sorry about spelling, thanks for advice.

At the risk of sounding of sycophantic splutterings a call to the BLF Helpline

03000 030 555 Mon - Fri 10am -6pm

What on earth does this mean? Is it wrong to recommend the helpline to others? You have lost me Dorlock!

Recommend the helpline they do fantastic work, I have experience of abuse from doing just that from a minority who would discourage me.

thank you dorlock phoned blf this morning was a realy good experiance as well as so informative thanks blf,

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