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Postural drainage anyone?

Hi Everyone

Was diagnosed with bronchiectasis about a year ago, and was given some postural drainage exercise by a very young and inexperienced physio. (I have severe osteoporosis so could not get someone one to 'thump' me as well.) Anyway, I did the exercises as this physio told me, but mucous refused to budge. The only thing to get it moving seems to be after eating a bulky meal and laying prone for several minutes and I bring up quite a lot. (Sorry to be so graphic but you all know what it's like...)

Anyway, had a follow-up appointment with consultant yesterday and she wants me to produce three lots of sputum for analysis but they must be taken as soon as I get up in the morning before I have had ANYthing to eat or drink. I told her, I thought this would be impossible so she has prescribed me a month's course of carbocisteine to help with loosening the phelm/sputum. However, I have IBS as well (I know - lucky ol' me!), so am reluctant to take this med as it could cause a flare up.

Anyway, my question is - does anyone have a really good method for bringing up recalcitrant phelm and/or know of any meds that could facilitate this?

Thanks for taking the trouble to read all that.

Thanks for being there.

Kindest regards


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Get a bottle with water in it and a straw. Blow quite hard through the straw into the water. This may help shift it. It's called bubble PEP. These links are for children but they work just as well for adults. No harm in giving it a go ! :)

Ooh thanks, will give it a go and let you know.

Kind regards


I was shown in hospital how to do this postural drainage for my husband, but have now been told by our physio who visits the house it is not done anymore. He has a flutter device, which is a bit like the water and straw, it vibrates the mucus in your chest and loosens it.

A flutter device sounds interesting, sweetthing, I will look into and let you know how I get on. Thanks so very much.


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