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I am sick of trying to work and keep an active life style when I CAN'T BREATH

I had a meeting this evening (8pm) and from the time I walked out of my front door till I got home at 11 pm I have coughed, the fog tonight has been so bad I have spat ( excuse the pun) more than a tea cup full. I am now on a course of antibiotic's AGAIN. I am meant to be flying out to the states in 4 weeks time and I am scared. All my GP does is give me antibiotic's and Prednisone and sends me on my way. I'm so tired of asking for help.

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I am so sorry you feel this way, we all do at some point. This fog is so unhealthy and depressing for us, I am sick and tired of it and can't wait to see a bit of sun. I don't know what to advise other than to phone the BLF help line, I am sure they will offer words of wisdom. Take care.

It is bloody miserable when you get into that cycle. My husband gets really down with it, and then wonders if he will ever be OK again. I felt the same about the Doctors - more antibiotics, more steroids - sometimes as many as five courses month after month. I would ask if you have a local respiratory team who you could be referred to - they really helped my husband checking his meds were OK and getting him on the pulmonary rehab course.

Your heading - sounds just like my husband - he just gets sick of it! Life is so much more difficult, takes that much more effort to do the most simple task.

Perhaps you could ring the BLF helpline they could give advise about the flying.

In our experience we have had to become very proactive in my husbands COPD treatment - we have had to ask about respiratory nurses, what other treatment etc.

Good luck and it wont always be like this - you will start to feel better. Take good care and look after yourself.

TAD xx

Your lucky my gp sends me on my way with nothing ... Sure is trying to kill me :O


Sorry to hear of the struggle, it may be worth a call to the helpline to discuss with one of our nurses? If you would like to discuss, in confidence the emotional side of things please feel free to give me a call or email for a chat.

Flying to the States sounds lovely. I really hope you feel bright soon but if you do feel like a rant its best to get it out of your system rather than bottle it up.

Take care, wrap up warm (you know the routine lol). Wishing you lots of luck even if I am a little bit jealous of the holiday ;-)

Seriously though if you do wish to voice your concerns please, please give us a call - 03000 030 555... a problem shared n all that jazz.


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