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New Lungs or not

Well it should have been the 18th March but I got a call to say here had been a cancelation so could I go in on the 4th instead. My assessment was here at last. This was it. No more wondering if I was suitable or not. Papworth here I come. As I was to be there for 9am it was decided to go over on the Sunday. My son Sam (he lives with me and is my carer) and my niece Jo bundled in to the car

and off we went. We were staying in a cottage near the hospital. My other son Robbie was coming up from London in the morning. After a restless night we were off. Mornings are not very good for me I can’t get going till at least lunch time. I got signed in and taken to a lovely room which was going to be home for the next 3 days. Over the next 2 days we had chats, blood test (at least 20), X- rays, scans, lung function tests and the dreaded 6 minute walk. I did manage 80 metres on oxygen. Wednesday dawned and I had to be ready for the first meeting at 9am. Needless to say I was late. Did I say I don’t like mornings. The first doctor was very nice and explained a lot of things to us it did seem as though he was trying to put us of but he did say he had to give the worst case. We then met the surgeon who explained more of the same. And the last was the

co-ordinator who told us some more. So much to remember and digest.


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Good news then I am so pleased for you

So pleased you got through all the tests

so happy for you x

Good news indeed very pleased for you.

Great! What else can I say.

Lynne xx

Wonderful news Firethorn :) Let's hope you're close to the top of the list eh ? I'll keep everything crossed for you.

Oh excellent good news for one person is welcomed by us all.

Good luck,


Oh excellent good news for one person is welcomed by us all.

Good luck,


Lovely news, and I love your photo, not many people can carry that look off, but you certainly can x

Fantastic news hpoe all goes well.

Kim xx

Good news and good luck !

Great news. Hope you don't have to wait too long. x

Excellent outcome, hope it wont be too long. x

Firethorn - Good news hopefully not a long wait.


thats wonderful

Really good news :-)

polly xx

Welcome too the club ,I am sorry your lungs are so done in that you need that transplant ,but glad that you are going on the list .

I have been on it since 1oct and have good and bad days its the waiting thats the hardiest keep me up to date on yourself Jackie x I am so pleased for you x

whooop! hope they come soon xx

Good for you. I was on the list for nearly three years unfortunately never had a call. I am no longer considered viable as my IPF has progressed to far.

What I wanted to say is try as best as you can to live your life as best you can. If, like me you will pray that the phone will ring but be terrified in case it does you could end up a gibbering wreck.

My advise to you would be put the transplant to the back of your mind as much as you can and don't dwell on it. If it happens so well the good but if not, as in my case, so be it I took the option and it didn't come about but life goes on, albeit restricted, it does go on and should be enjoyed as much as possible.

I hope I haven't been too negative for you and wish you good luck and hope they find a match for you soon.

Dear Baldie I am so sorry it didnt work out for you. You have a very posotive out look I am not sure I could be the same.but you are quite right I must not loose sight of the fact that life still goes on and it is for living. Thank you for you good wishes.....XXX

Wonderful news Firethorn, I'm so pleased and excited for you!! :) xxx

Great news. Fingers crossed for you

Marie x

wheee brilliant :)

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