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Just done the walk

Went and done the walk this afternoon afraid didn't do as well as I thought I would, managed just over 3 min and then she told me told me to sit down and by the time my sats were back up the 6 mins had finished. So just waiting now till she can compare with the last one I did 4 years ago, then waiting for a date for a CT scan and lung function test.

polly xx

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I guess that's how my walk test would go if I had one, at least it's over and done with and you tried.

Lib x



You did your level best and its all anyone can ask. Fingers crossed for you.

Take care


Can anyone explain the walk Test please I have COPD never heard of a walk Test, is it a specialist exercise test?

I've just joined looking for friends so hi to you all and Thanks


Hello and welcome kita :) I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Sometimes the walk test is used to assess whether a COPD patient needs a supplementary oxygen supply. It's also used at Pulmonary Rehab courses to determine whether the physios feel you are up to the course.

At Pulmonary Rehab the patient's blood oxygen saturation levels are taken using an oxymeter (the gadget that goes on the end of your finger) then asked to walk between Point A & Point B (I'm not sure of the distance involved). After the first minute a beeper sounds and you have to try to increase your speed. The beeper sounds again after another short while and means you have to try to increase speed again. This goes on for 6 minutes or for however long the patient can manage without distress or discomfort.

At the end of the test the blood oxygen saturation levels are measured again. If they have gone down considerably then it's a sign that supplementary oxygen may be needed.

I only know this because I'm on my second week of Pulmonary Rehab and that's what the physio did at our first session.

Hope this helps you, but if you have any further concerns don't hesitate to ring the BLF Helpline, they are a mine of very useful information. Their number is 03000 030 555 and they are open business hours Monday to Friday.

All the best... and remember .....

Keep on keeping on :)


Thank you elian,

Such a detailed reply, at the moment I visit the nurse at my local surgery and have Asthma checks and C.O.P.D Spiromitary tests. These used to be 6 monthly now changed to every 3 months.

Thanks again Kita


Hi Kita, welcome to the group I notice you live near Newbridge on Wye so like me I expect you have to travel to Hereford Hospital. I did a walk test about 18 months ago but Ihave deteriorated since then . I really pushed myself then but couldnt possibly do that now. Are you booked in for test ?

maxer at Dolau xx


Well done on the walk test pollyjj :) and just keep one thought in mind ....... at least you could/can walk ... which is a bonus in itself ! :)


Yo ! Walk of life ! :)


Pretend you're going to a pub.


Keep at it Polly


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