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Just want to say hi...new here :)

Just want to say hi and to say what a great site this is :)

I have been an asthma sufferer for over 30 years and was diagnosed with COPD in November 2012.

Joined the BLF yesterday and looking forward to the welcome pack .

Have spent a few hours on here this morning reading blogs/questions and wow ...what a lovely lot you are lol

It is nice to know there is always support at hand when I need it and have to admit some of the answeres made me lol! :)

Jan x

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Welcome Jan.

Everyone on here very helpful i,m sure you will find lots of advice/help whenever/if ever you need/want it.x :)


I agree its a great site .I jioned a few days ago. is anyone experencing any trouble with there health assessment ?


Welcome Jan Good to have another newby ! the more the merrier, all sorts of questions and answers on here about our rubbish conditions. lots of humour to as you have seen'

watch out for Richard he,ll make you laugh !



Hello glad you made it. :)


Welcome Jan hope you enjoy the site, lots of nice people here.

Lib x


Hello and welcome to the site,,i am fairly new as well, had copd for nearly 6 yrs now,,and learnt more from this site than anywhere else,,,,,,chrissie53 x


Hi Jan

Welcome to the forum, there is a wealth of information and support here and of course you can always call us at the BLF helpline if you have any specific issues or queries or indeed just a chat in confidence, please feel free to do so, we would welcome the call. (and the magic number is.... 03000 030 555). In the meantime I'm sure you will find the site of benefit, lots of information and a few jokes worth a giggle or two.

Take care.



Welcome to the good ship BLF catlady :) The crew are somewhat crazy (but lovely with it) and are happy to see you aboard :) We hope your journey with is us a good one !


I am quite new to this site, I have to say I have found out far more about my copd on this site than talking to nurses my gp and even the consultant at hospital. You wont go far wrong here, welcome


Hi Jan WELCOME .I do not do medical information other than give a regular tonic called humour on my blog site.

Keep tuned in to KOTC

Comments always welcomed



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