Well valves or not operation or not. I am looking on the positive side, and my daughters and I have booked a holiday, I need some quality time with my children , with no pressure from what's going on around us, and I can't tell you. How lucky I feel to have such lovely girls that will make space to spend some time with there old and not that healthy mum,

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  • Yes you are so right No matter what age our children , we still need to know we are needed by them as they need to know they are needed by us, sometimes we need to stop and tell ourselves to make quality time with our family, and that means downing tools so to speak and saying right this is my time with my children/ or whoever we feel we are not making enough time for

  • Hi stitch, we are going to Tunisia in September I have just arranged travel insurance it was ยฃ70 for seven days, but that does not include if I have to cancel if I am called into hospital for this operation If I had included it the price would be ยฃ160 As the saying goes we are as bad burnt as scolded with these insurance comp,

  • How lovely Meike. It's something to look forward to.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Meike, I hope your operation is soon and you can enjoy your holiday with your family. I have a date for my CT scan, to see if I am suitable for valves, in April. Roll on, really want to know if I am suitable, don't think they can think I am too old as they have started the ball rolling.

    Carole x

  • Hi carole thank you for your good wishes, hope your ct scan goes ok, and you are suitable for this operation, I don't think age should be an issue, we all deserve a crack of the whip no matter what age we are. Keep me in touch x

  • Good for you. Life goes on and we must make the best of it. Enjoy.

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