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I have copd now for 2 years , also an under active thyroid for which I take 125 m of thyroxine for,ventolin for my copd which I struggle to get on with.somedays I feel terrible and struggle to move out of bed,other days I do manage A bit of gentle walking round the local park.

To be honest I am so fed up of feeling at deaths door I would appreciate any advice on any medicines or remedies I could get to help me back on track.not worked now since my last job let me go when they found out about the copd about a year ago.cant seem to get work because of my copd which is a problem.

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  • I know,bit of a catch 22 for me at the moment.but I will get there ?thanjs

  • I am self employed anything that will help in medicines remedies will help me carry on with my business it has been difficult through the winter mornings getting a start on the day.

  • Most people with COPD are prescribed Spiriva, an inhaler, rather than just Ventolin on its own. Perhaps you should ring the BLF helpline for a chat.

  • Thanks for that,I didn't know.gonna enquire


  • Have you been for a proper pulmonary test at hospital ?

  • Nope,not yet.seeing nurse at GP again on 18th.untill then not got a clue about things.it all seems lapsidasical to me

  • I would suggest you ask your doctor for one. I had to go to A&E because I felt so bad when I was first diagnosed. 2 hours later I felt a hell of a lot better. so I changed my doctor. The first thing he did was to get me a hospital appointment for a proper diagnosis. Once the results were through they were able to put me on the correct medication and I feel a whole lot better for it.

  • Am booked in to see the nurse a week Monday about all this,hope to get it sorted out once n for all.thanks

  • i to have copd and thyroid problem i take 50mg, you should see if that thyroid meds are to much, 125 and you still have your thyroid, might be to much, get a second doctor. do you take vitamen d. my doctor and my sister in law got there thyroid remove and they 100 to 125 mg, you have to see a doctor for you copd, they have better drugs then over the counter to help you

  • I will do that.thanks.just wish they could get it together and sort t out.

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