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Is this COPD?

My doc is sending me off for a spirometry test next week as I wall ill for a few weeks with wheezing and a cough (I've got a constant cough, she sed it could just be habitual) but after an asthma review (which ruled out asthma) she mentioned she thought I had COPD even tho I have never smoked!!

I've been looking up symptoms of COPD and every time there is mention of coughing up phlegm, which i rarely do (altho there always feels like something needs to be coughed up) However it seems I have all the other symptoms. Ive been ill for several week every Winter since I had pleurisy 5 years ago, and altho I can handle the cough its the headache that I get with it and the feeling of being off the planet, lightheaded, dizzy and lacking in energy I can't deal with. I did have a blue ventolin inhaler but i can't get that right when i take it ... usually ends up on my tongue and tbh it only helped a little. I have had Bricanyl inhaler in the past and that DID help .... so much easier to take than Ventolin too lol. I'm just trying to prepare myself for what's next if it's not COPD. Strangely I feel if it IS then at least I know why I get ill every Winter and what steps I can take to help myself. I feel like I am a hyperchondriac at the mo lol

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I think you should ring the BLF nurse - they are all very helpful. - 03000030555 I would also ask for a referral letter.from the doctor. You need a definite diagnosis not just the nurses opinion. All the best from Annie80x


A think you have ... Headache is coughing pulls your vains quite natrul ... Pleurisey would be enough to cause copd

Am no expert best give BLF a call if worried

All the best


thank you both, I have my spirometry test on 14th so will see what the Doc says after that :D


The tests will show Jan. For information, I am moderate with copd but have no cough and no mucous at all.

Although copd is mostly caused by smoking there are exceptions such as exposure to certain things and passive smoking too.

Let us know how you get on and remember it is not a death sentence by any means.

Lynne xx


thanks Lynne, I have to be honest I'm 99% sure I have COPD, I'm not overly worried as I know with lifestyle changes and meds its manageable. I'm wondering if my job has antagonised my condition as I'm an ironing lady so working with steam all the time, but also as I'm self-employed I can't exactly rest when I'm poorly. Gotta be honest I can't wait to get in for this test so I can finally get to the bottom of it all and start sorting myself out lol xx


Hello and welcome Jan :)

I've been living with COPD for 13 years and am managing the condition pretty much ok, though I do have to take life at a much slower pace these days. I find steam very helpful, especially for clearing my nose of mucus. I have a facial sauna which I use regularly.

Do give the Helpline a call Jan, they'd be delighted to have a chat with you.

All the best for the spirometry.


thank you elian :D


I wonder what makes us lightheaded and dizzy as this sometimes happens to me


I wonder that too? its horrible, feels like I'm on another planet and sooo exhausting :(


I asked hospital doctor when i was fist in hospital b4 i was told i had lungs of a 90 year old that it would have been lack of oxegen my blood was doing stange things ... He said its to do with blood gas

Anyway hope that helps

All the best :)


ahhh thanks daz :D lots of things to store in my memory to ask about when i go for spirometry test on thursday ;)


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