Now the Dog is on Steriods!!

Now the Dog is on Steriods!!

Hi Everyone

I have had a chest infection for over a week now, have taken my course of antibotics

500mg x 3 times a day, like a good girl, I was offered steriods but this time I decided not to have them, let the body try and sort it out. Ok, it will take a bit longer but I am not going out, again doing what I was told, I do find this very hard lol.....

Any way had to take my bichon to the vets, she will not stop licking her front paws and going for both sides of her face, she gets so up tight doing this, having tried so many different tablets, fish & pasta diet etc which did not help at all, she has now to take 10mg of steriods per day for a week, yes she is sleeping more, so not going for her face, so I guess you could call that some sucess, so who knows what will come next.

Take care eveyone

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  • Dont feel too good this am but was cheered up by your great little dog. Hope you are feeling better, breathless lady.

  • HI Annie

    So pleased this cheered you up, Tilly the Diva Bichon is asleep in her bed with her head on one side.

    I am feeling better thanks Annie, guess it would have happened sooner if I had taken the steriods hay ho as they say.

    You take real good care of yourself Annie


  • What a beautiful little girl you have there Breathlesslady :) She's gorgeous ! and I'm so envious of you.

    I do hope you are both feeling much better soon xx

  • Why don't you try your dog's steriods? Stop if you start barking.

  • Hi Hamletvv

    She is taking "Prednisolone", the same as i do,so will have to see if I start barking and she starts talking lol............look at the money we could make!!! Don't know if i would like dog biscuits, really prefer fresh cream cakes!!

  • Hi Carole, I have 2 shih tsu's, one of them licks her paws and armpits a lot, but it is put down to nervousness, as she was rescued from a puppy farm at 2yrs and is very timid, but they are such lovely dogsand don't shed as yours doesn't so they are better for us. Take care and get well soon, I have nearly finished my antis but I took my steroids which means about 6 weeks tapering off, still never mind anything to keep me at the level I am. Stage 4 and on oxygen 15/24. My glass is half full

    Carole x

  • Hi Carole

    I do really feeling much better this morning, mind you it is so very foggy here, I have to go this afternoon for "Afternoon Tea" so I shall wrap up like

    Got her when she was 9 weeks old from a breeder, there was just her and her sister left in the litter. I let the dog chose me, now she has a very delicate tummy, plus othere things, she is taking after me!! They do say dogs go like their

    So at the moment I am 1 behind...

    So pleased to hear you are coming off the steriods, they do help, but cause other problems, keep your chin up as they say.

    Take Care


  • hi my dog is a westie and he is always likin his feet do you thiink steriod my help him any advice will helpfull. Carol x

  • I was told dogs with white fur do this then other dogs!! Who knows....

    She is only on for these for 7 days, I am being advised by Vet College now, a bit more senior as our local vet has refered me as I requested. l wil keep you informed she has to been seen next week. If you "Google" some of the replies say Cider (apple) vineagr and water in equal parts and sprayed on should help, as yet i have tried this.

    Not sure if this is useful info' or not will keep you posted


  • My little Cavalier King Charles was on steroids for years because of scratching. He was only taken off them when he was found to be diabetic and this was caused by steroids. The thing is that steroids do stop itching in allergies for us humans as well as animals. But do be vigilant about the length of time they`re used. Strangely enough once the diabetes was diagnosed the steroids were stopped and he was prescribed a special shampoo and he never itched again. She`s a little beauty by the way ! Sheila x

  • Good Morning Sheila

    We go to the vets on Wednesday so I shall be asking questions, thanks for your comments. The vet did mention a special shampoo, the person from the Vet College did not, he is my 2nd optinion thank goodness for Pet Insurance!

    I will post another blog on Wednesday

    Take Care


  • Some dogs will lick paws out of habit, my dachie does it all the time, as for your dog being on Steriods Breathlesslady my previous little Dachie was on them for 3 years, well until the end of his life due to his breathlessness. If your wee doggie ends on them long term, you will find that they will need to drink a lot more water and of course need to be let out to wee a lot more often. Plus also like us can develop one heck of a appetite. Hope it is only the 7 days as currently prescribed, but generally all the side effects humans tend to suffer with them, so do dogs. Hope you are having a better date too!

  • Good Morning Daxiemad

    Thanks for your comments, I do not mind her drinking more, as she never drinks much anyway, and of course the water outside in the ice cream tub is the

    "Best Water InThe World" cannot understand why she would rather drink that then out of her bowl, she makes me laugh if the water is low I fill both bowl/tub up and she will go to the outside one and drink out of it. We go back to the vet's on Wednesday so will see what happens, the scratching is no where near as bad, so I guess they are working

    Take Care


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