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Many of us seem to place much store by of FEV - which in many respects may be mis-placed. FEV typically goes up and down, day-to-day depending on many factors. (My FEV was 17% in April 2012; 25% in September 2012 and currently stands at between 17-18%. My respiritory specialist (one of the leaders in this field) cited examples with one of a chap whose FEV was in the 500s and an oxygen saturation level of 99-100%, and he could not walk 50 metres. Another expample was of a chap whose FEV was around 14-17 and yet he continued to enjoy life including walking a half-marathon. He did not break any records - taking more than 7 hours - but he did it. These anecdotes give me some comfort as does Michael McBride in the US (Google him). Thus recorded FEV is just a figure and does not wholly determine what we can achieve.

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  • I would agree ... As long as am not dizzy thats my base line

    All the best great post :)

  • Only one piece of the puzzle, I would rather know than be in the dark unable to contribute in discussions of my treatment with doctors and nurses.

    Education on condition with Exercise are my way of holding what I have.

  • Mike McBride also climbs mountains.

  • I agree Martin. It's good to know to have an indication of improvement or decline.

    Maybe I am lucky, or maybe it's because I work at it, but I am 58 and moderate with copd but work quite happily all over the UK. I Keep fit at the gym and push myself even when i dont feel like it and i maintain a positive attitude. I wouldn't dream of giving into it. It doesn't rule me, I live with it.

    Lynne xx

  • hi to moderate copd 63 yr mum gran an greatgran of 1.we av no 1 at the gps what help r giv advice.when i got late diagonised with mod copd.nurse just said reading 67.hears ur blue inhaler.hears ur seritde.use them.and c u nx jan 2014.r b 4 if watever.bad attitude hear in oldham .

  • Hi Carol

    I'm on Spiriva, which helps a lot. I also have salbutamol, which doesn't do much for me. I'm lucky as my GP is very good and he is a copd specialist.I get annual check ups.

    My FEV 1 reading is 55% but it really doesn't stop me doing anything and I feel tons better since exercising, which also improves the immune system. I am now up to 45 minutes aerobic exercise at the gym (treadmill, bike and rowing machine) three times a week.

    This is a great site, so feel very welcome here.

    Lynne xx

  • many thanks lynne for ur gp asnt got a clue and no interest.june 2012 i had xray and receptionist said gp said its fine no action needed.xmas i took ill with chronic bronchitus.a new locum sent me for a ct scan it showed never heard of it.i got after i had to paf 10pnd my med files.thats when i saw junes xray.i googled it .i went see gp.he just said sorry.well if id had known in june i would have bin able protect myself more and stop smoking in june.i havnt smoked since i found ot at xmas wont again.when i finally got a spimetry test it said 67.avnt a clue what that is.nurse give me a blue inhaler and a seritide .said see u nx year r b4.give me a booklit on copd an said go home read it.god .have changed my gp now.

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