Chest infection and coughing up sputum with some blood in it

IPF with a chest infection. Very breathless since infection started. Coughing a lot more than usual. Started on antibiotics Amoxillian yesterday. Still have a temperature over 38 and now sputum has some blood in it. Is this something I need to worry about?

How long will it be before the antibiotics start to work? At what point should I take him back to the doctor?

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  • i think you need to see a doctor asap. It is possible that you need a change of antibiotic.

    I suggest Aand E this time of night. Or ring NHS Direct. Do let know the outcome.

  • Its not un-none to be slight blood in mucus as long as it is only a bit if you have been coughing a lot

    Its of concern when it is a lot ... Depends how much there is and how you feel ... If its a lot go A-E

    Hope that helps all the best :)

  • Antibiotics usually start to have an effect within 2-3 days carer99 and, as daz says, it's not unusual when you cough a great deal for their to be traces of blood. I do mean 'traces' though, if it's a substantial amount of blood then there's a real problem and medical help should be sought as quickly as possible.

    I do hope your other half is feeling better within the next few days.

    In the meantime

    keep on keeping on .......

  • Thanks annie80, dazisnotsogood and elian for your comments.

    I am concerned but feel reassured that as the blood is not unusual and it is not substantial I will see how he is in the morning. Nice to have someone to ask at this time of night.

  • Hello carer999, when I have attended my local c.o.p.d. clinic they explained to me that if there is a trace of blood in your sputum it can be because if you have a bad cough you strain and it can cause you to break tiny blood vessels in your lungs and it is ok, but if it is a lot of blood then that would be different, your antibiotics will take about 24hrs plus but if you are worried always contact somebody.

    Take Care,

    Hope you are better soon,

    Wendy x

  • Hi carer999 I have had that happen to me a few times. The doctor said it was a blood vessel breaking through coughing. I was worried about lung cancer but the doctor said there are other symptons such as coughing up a lot of blood regularly, repeated chest infections and losing weight for no reason.

    Hope this puts your mind at rest a bit.

    Bev x

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