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hi just joined this site

hi everyone ive neva dun anything like this bfor so please bear with me ...i had tb 3n ahalf yrs ago n have had copd since ..i have jubeen diagnosed with sarcoidosis aswell n been put on steriods...is any one in this situation..benefits stopped they say i fit for work but doctor says im not ..dont no wot future holds


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Hi Ian. I can't help with your question but I'm sure there are some on here who can. Ask what you like, there's bound to be someone here who has experienced it.

Ian, hello and welcome :)

Please give the British Lung Foundation Helpline a call on 0300 030 555. They are there to offer help, advice and recommendation to those of us living with lung disease. They are a smashing team and will do everything they possibly can to help you.

I hope you manage to find a satisfactory solution to your benefit problems and don't hesitate to keep in touch with us here to let us know how you're getting on.

In the meantime.....

keep on keeping on :)

hi..thanks for replying ..ment.just very down wiv it all at mo

Don't sign on just send sick note's .... Thay are trying it on get intouch with C.A.B

Hello and welcome

You'll great advice here and the helpline.


Hello and welcome. This is a friendly site, so keep in touch. I'm sure others with te same as you will be along soon.

Lynne xx

Hi Ian. Can't add to what others have said just wanted to say welcome to the site.

Bev x

thanks bev just wrote message to al people who messaged me but lost it sumware..cant suss this site out yet haha ..too old haha


Hi Ian

I can't help with your query but I do have sarcoidosis. Welcome to the site - they are a great bunch here!


Welcome to the site you will get lots of information from the lovely people on here, take their advice and contact BLF

polly xx

Hi Ian and welcome. I can only say that TB and sarcoid are on a parallel to one another and Pete has had treatment for sarc for nearly 22 years and COPD for 3. He was told that he had COPD (Bronchitis) because of the scarring caused by the sarc but I am not sure if that is right or not. Get in touch with BLF and CAB to get help with working (or not) etc. Good luck with everything and keep positive. Just to say, Pete used to work on the buses and had to give up work due to ill health in 1999. He has a very good outlook on life and positive mental attitude. I joined this site because I am his carer and it is a great place for advice and support so glad you are on here too. xxxxx

Hi Ian

Welcome to the forum, there is an awful lot of information on here but if you would more specific/individual advice please call or email the BLF helpline and arrange to speak to a nurse, on tel: 03000 030 555. Or if you would like some emotional support we can help with that too so please call us if you wish.

Take care

thank u for all ur kind messages ...not sure if u will all see this message cos not sure how too work site yet haha....just feel down wiv it all now ..gota go hossy agen tmora for oxygen assesment 2nd appoinment this week ...seems like every leta i get now is from hospital....i have been on sik for 15 months now n tday is my last day of bein employed doctor as told me i cant do my job any more and social n court appeal say im fit to work .so work have finished me..cant win..anyway sori for moaning im sure there is plenty worse than me..please all of u take care n thanks for advice


xxx take care. and post here whenever you like - we all need support sometimes.

thank u ..but not realy sure how to post lol x


Your posting is fine.Please take the advise and get in touch with the BLF and phone that number.We all get down at times esspecialy when the worry of money is there.please phone thay number and let us know how you get on.Lots of luck

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