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Update on ATOS assesment. Should I cancel the appointment?

My employers have now changed my termination of employment from dismissed through incapability of doing my job to early retirement due to ill health. I should now be able to access my pension as I am now 60 and without reduction as my employers pay the contributions until I'm 65. The conditions are that :-

I do not do any paid or unpaid work for the next 3 years when it will be reviewed again. (some hope of that when there are close to 2.5m unemployed looking for work. I couldn't do it anyway)

With this in place do I have the pleasure of telling ATOS where to shove their assesment?

Any advice on the above would be very welcome.


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Pensions are comlex business ... If it was me a would discuse your fiances with C.A.B or Welfair Rights ... As you might be intitled to other credits b4 a told atos just whst i thought of them

All the best :)


I am so pleased you got your medical retirement. Its much better than just being dismissed through illness. Though I am sure you would much rather be fit to work. I can't remember what the ATOS thing is for - ESA (sickness benefit) or DLA (disability living allowance). If the former you might still be able to claim extra money or have an underlying entitlement to it which can make you eligible for other benefits.

If its DLA (might be attendance allowance if you have retired. But its the same thing) then it is worth pursuing it because you can get extra money on top of your pension. This is not usually means tested.

The rules on it are quite complex so I would ring up BLF helpline or go to your local CAB.

Hope this helps.

Bev x


Hi Check out your entitlement to Pension Credit.


The assesment was for sickness benefit Bev.Yes I would rather be fit for work because I loved my job and all the staff there. They have all been very supportive, also the Headteacher has given me his full backing from day one, He has supported me through all meetings with H.R. and the final Capability hearing. H.R. notified me by telephone on 5th March about the change, apparently the decision of whether I finish on ill health or incapability of doing my job lies with an indipendant doctor NOT Derbyshire County Council so I'm still waiting for confermation of it in writing from County Hall, also for the Pension dept to contact me. As soon as I find what I will be getting I will have more info to give the BLF advisors. Just now it's the waiting game as you might say.

Thanks to all for you replies and advice.



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