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At 76 I had have COPD for some 15 years,thanks to my local doctors surgery (Newtown at GT Yarmouth) I have survided well ! Walking any distance is out of the question and is any exertion. I need some help and/or advice.I have used mucolylics.and found one that really helped- Visclair !! For some reason these are no longer available due to mnfring probs in US

However,the alternatives supplied all have some unpleasant sideffects (with ME). Currently on Mucodyne which causes excessive wind (chest) discomfort and hot flushes.

Anyone out there that has options or suggestions they will be gratefully received.

Thank you and best wishes to all.

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Hi and welcome Colin. I take Mucodyne but it doesn't give me any side effects so I can't help. I'm from your neck of the woods at Lowestoft.


Thanks for bothering to respond.If you get to Yarmouth call in for a cuppa.


I may well do that. I work in Reedham.

I expect some members will be along shortly to help you with your question.


Hello Colin :) and welcome to the community !

I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to anyone who is newly diagnosed and believes that having COPD is 'the end'. Congratulations on managing this awful condition so well :)

I can't help with recommendations on medication either I'm afraid, except to say that I take Carbocisteine casules (2 twice daily) and they seem to work well for me.

I'm sure if you gave the British Lung Foundation Helpline a call they would be delighted to offer you advice and maybe a recommendation for a suitable medication. Their number is 0300 030 555 and the lines are open Monday to Friday.

All the best Colin and don't forget.....

Keep on keeping on :)


hi colin iam an xminer [ 72 ] fae bonny scotland''i have suffered chronic bronch '''copd from the late 80s ,i have 3 or 4 flare ups a year ,,iam just by with one ,,lasted nearlly a month,,iam still coughing up a wee bit ,but iam getting there i take the usual antibiotics.....iam very well aware that as i get older it is harder to fight this bloody thing lol..but not to worry , i have'nt died a winter yet,iam looking forward tae plant my tatties ''etc''though it will take all day ,,i''ll get there i force myself to go a wee walk most days [ i have 3 wee dog ] and a great wee wife ,iam thankfull what i have got as i am very much aware there is alot of good people a lot worse than me,i dont believe in moaning ,as that wont change things,,,,,as long as able tae enjoy a guid malt whisky i will survive lol lol take care colin''''


I,m on mucodyne and have been suffering hot flushes,,,now i know it could be them causing it,,,,


Hello and welcome Colin. I take carbocisteine without problems. Sorry i can't help but the suggestion you ring the helpline is a good one. :)


I was taking carbocisteine up to 3 weeks ago.Then rep nurse gave me Spiriva and now I find I dont need carbocistine anymore.My ribs used to be sore with coughing but now that has all gone.


Thank you all for helping and all your good wishes. Please let me take this opportunity to update. I take as much Ventolin as I like and as often as I like ! I also take Spiriva,once a day and Seretide 250 2 puffs twice daily.I have bottle oxygen. My sats are 90/92 on a good day but drops as low as 82 when I do things such as prepare and cook a meal. ( divorced many years ago).I am a Grandfather and have two daughters,who of necessity live a far distance,however I have some GOOD female friends who really help.So I am lucky with this and my PC and phone.My best wishes to ALL.


Hi Colin and welcome.The only tonic I can give is a little bit of humour to cheer you up.Watch for my blogs



I shall be eternally grateful to my doctor, who specialises in COPD, for prescribing Mucodyne some 6 years ago. I think she saved my life. The agony and fear of not being able to breathe disappeared within days of starting the treatment. Thanks Doc.


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