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Is copd breathing helped with oxygen therapy machines like the Airnergy+?

Hello everyone, hope you're as well as can be expected ..,

I’m a nearly 56yr old newby to the dreaded copd disease & what bit of hair I did have left has fallen out now with worry…... but after reading lots of fellow sufferers blogs, I am slowly dragging myself out of the doldrums & putting on a brave face. I certainly admire your resolves to get on & make the most of what we have been dealt. It certainly inspires me!

Anyway, the reason I write is to see if anyone has come across the Airnergy+ oxygen therapy machine as shown on ITV’s This Morning breakfast show? (I don’t know when it was shown, I just saw a reference to it on the website).

Any comments or experiences greatly appreciated. Does it work? Do you think that anything that aleviates breathlessness is worth looking at?

All the best.


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Hello HJR.

No this is not the same as medical oxygen therapy which needs to be prescribed by a respiratory specialist nurse or doctor. Oxygen is not suitable for everyone and is not prescribed unless really needed. Airenergy has been discussed several times, general opinon appears to be that it is an expensive product that has not really proved to help in COPD. I suggest you look through the Tags to find where it has been discussed before.

I personally feel it is a waste of money & the best way to improve your condition is to stop smoking, have a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course & ten continue with the exercise & diet advice gained from the course.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

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This is a link to one of the discussions regarding airenergy


Thanks jo, I'll look in to it.

I have an assessment next week at the respiratory centre so at the moment I'm making loads of notes on everything to ask them when I'm there.

But it's nothing like talking to people directly affected as they know exactly what could & may not help.

Thanks again. H..

Hello HJR.

You might be interested to know that Dr Chris Steel also fronts a hearing aid programme for a well known hearing aid company

Best wishes


Hello HJR and welcome to our Group :) Glad you found your way here !

Supplementary oxygen is rarely given to aid breathing, it's used mainly to ensure that other vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys etc.) are kept in tip top condition when poor breathing tends to put a strain on them and can cause further problems.

My best advice, and I'm sure others will agree with this, is that if you follow your respiratory team's recommendations on medication, diet, and the all-important exercise then you will be in full control of your COPD and not let it have control of you :)

I've lived with COPD for 13 years now and still consider myself to have a reasonable quality of life, though at a somewhat slower pace than 'normal' (whatever that is !)

You won't need extra 'unnecessary' and EXPENSIVE machinery :)

All the best, and let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for your kind comments elian, best wishes. H..

Thanks Jo, I missed that link. See what you mean now.

And Wine, I should have realised he'd be fronting other products..... getting naive in my old age.

Thanks both...


I think we are often attracted to treatments that promise marvelous improvement when the only treatment that has proven affects is pulmonary rehabilitation.

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Advice I got from my resp. nurse when asking about this 'wonder machine' was - save your money, and I value her advice and knowledge on treatment for copd - just thought I'd pass it on to you and hope it may help. :)

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if its not gonna cure you,dont buy it, there are alot of people trying take your money,,,...

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i was diagnosed with c.o.p.d 3 years ago.Two years ago, I spent thousands of pounds to buy a Airnergy and used 20 minutes every day.My condition did not get any better, progression of the disease is now more serious, had to give up work and have virtualy been a prisoner in my own home. Now think of it, the airnergy company's Web site says is a lie, there are many fake cases.Do not believe any of Airnergy publicity would delay the disease if use Airnergy . Who can help me to improve my condition ?

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