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i line up my pills and inhalers on the table morning noon and night ,think to myself i have more gear there than the chemist has in his shop it starts to depress me, do other people feel that way?(mustn`t grumble though there are people worse off than me)

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I feel the same as you, whit. It is a ritual taking them as it has to be. What I tend to do, is to make them up for the month ahead in 4 wallets. it works quite well for me. Takes about 1 11/2 hours to do. If admission to hospital happens, ok if they let you self medicate, but need a copy of the script. But the whole business is automatic to me like cleaning my teeth.

I take my first one Spirvia at 5-30 am!, just to fit them all in. My prescription list seems to get longer and I know there are things that I buy myself from the chemist which I could get free on prescription, like nasal spray, cream for my dry skin, but I feel slightly ashamed that my list is so long, can't help feeling like it. Prescriptions are the only things I get free other than eye tests.

Lib x

Hi Whit, does get a bit much at times. my son laughed the other evening when I

brought my biscuit tin to lounge to fill my weeks supply of tabs into plastic containers, bit like annie. He said you,ve got more there than the chemist !. I said there,s another tin in bedroom

with spares.

I take 4 tabs in morning plus 2 inhalers then 2 carbocystine, rest of the day is oxygen and ventolin if needed

evening 3 tabs and one inhaler. not too bad but sometimes feel like throwing the lot in bin.!

wouldn't it be lovely not to have to take anymore or maybe just one tab. a day.!

Still expect soon feel the difference if we didn't have them.


I try to look on each of my medications as a "life-saver" and they have become so much a part of my daily routine now that I hardly notice them :)

An interesting point cropped up at my Pulmonary Rehab group yesterday when we had a 'lecture' on the different types of inhalers. We were told that it doesn't make any difference as to which order you take your inhalers in :o I had been told in the past that it did make a difference, but apparently extensive research has shown that this is not the case.

I've got say that this is a bit of a relief for me as I never could remember which order to take them in ...... lol

Hi Whit, you couldn't have come to a better place to have a grumble cus we've all had days like that and sympathise greatly and help you move on to a better place.

As to medication - wow isn't there a lot, one o these, two o those, oxygen on read sats can I come off to avoid CO2 probs. SO WHAT - they keep us alive. There are a million and one things to make us smile, laugh, and sometimes cry it's true, but we're alive. To listen to music, talk to friends, caress a loved one, watch a movie...........and on and on.

Take the meds, think thank you, when was the last time someone smiled at you and you grinned back or you saw something or someone and your heart turned over.

Come back and tell us about that cus we will have our low days and need you to cheer us up.

Keep on keeping on


Are you a Bob Dylan fan ? :)

Hi not sure if that was meant for me but anyway sure do like the mans music

He can write the most amazing lyrics


It was the words " Keep on keeping on ". Words from the song " Tangled up in Blue " from the album " Blood on the Tracks. I'm a Dylan fan in case people may not have noticed ! :)

That sounded a bit harsh sorry wasn't meant to be its just I feel glad to be alive


I have mine in one of those 7 days a week things. I whack them all down with my first cuppa in the morning and that's it for the day, apart from the two inhalers which I take an hour later. It's become part of my routine so I don't take a lot of notice anymore.

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