Feel rough

Now on 8th lot of anti Bs since September. Tired all the time. Keep getting cramp at night and my calves feel tight during the day. My chest aches but is that the bronch or my heart ( I have 2 stents in my heart). I also have fybromyalgia. So whats causing all these symptoms I never know which of my conditions is causing the trouble. Humbug. Sorry to be moany but hubby is away and I feel a bit anxious xx


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  • So sorry to hear of your suffering, please speak to a doctor anxiety does not improve any condition that I am aware of hope sharing feelings here is a positive experience.

  • Hi Maxer

    Sorry to read you are not feeling so good, why not give one of our nurses a call about your symptoms?

    We also have Helen who can offer counselling over the telephone - or even if you just want to chat to us - 03000 030 555.

    Best Wishes


  • Being on your own isn't good when you're feeling rough, you need to talk to someone, it seems to be going on for a long time maybe a change of medication. Take care.

    Lib x

  • Good thing to join this forum - always ready to listen when you are feeling low! All the best from Annie80

  • Thanks everyone for the advice. I have rung Doc and got an appointment for the 13th thats the soonest with my Doc. I have an appointment with consultant on Monday for CT scan results. Hubby is home tomorrow, cant wait. We have moved over the last coupleof weeks, we did it ourselves with a van and I think I have overdone it. I think I am going to have a duvet afternoon with some old episodes of Silent Witmess.

    maxer xxxx

  • Hi Maxer ,

    Moving Is so tiring and will take some time to get over. Just thought I would say that we have such similar problems, I have fibromyalgia, Copd , and a stent as well. The leg cramps are also so difficult and keep me awake most of the night.( Its called restless leg syndrome) My chest hurts all the time as well and that really worries me.

    My doctors put all my heart and COPD symptoms down to the fibromyalgia for years , after eventually getting diagnosed by the hospital with severe COPD I changed doctors and things have improved wonderfully as far as care is concerned. Sometimes I wonder if the fibro has actually being COPD all these years. I hope you have a lovely duvet afternoon. Take care of yourself (I had a week in bed after moving) love from Linda xxxx

  • Thanks Linda, we do seem to have similar problems and like you they put my chest pain down to the fybro. I have come to realise its a cop out for them because they dont have to send you for tests if its fybro. My chest is very painful this morning and I thought I may have been having an angina atack. I used my GTN spray and it has settled a bit but still achy.

    maxer xxxxx

  • Get spare hubby.

  • lol like the idea :)

  • I could be available for the right price!

  • ha ha :)

  • Hi maxer, sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly, I have been the same for weeks on steriods and amoxycillin, I went back to GP and she put me on Doxycillin now I feel much better, sometimes it is a change of medication needed, I also had an xray which was clear, I wish you well and hope your scan results are good, take it easy, can't beat the old Silent Witnesses!!

    Best Wishes Ju xxx

  • Thanks Ju, watched 3 episodes back to back only getting up to put the kettle back on :)

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