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Hi all, have just been prescribed flucloxacillin for three months. I have had about six chest infections over the past year, had to have a fair amount of time off work. I have bronciectasis and asthma. Consultant says most of my sputum tests have shown that I had streppacocos bacteria, looks like it has taken hold of my lungs. Has anyone been on this antibiotic, and was it successful. Thanks shirley

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Hi Shirley, very sorry you have this infection.

I also have bronchiectasis and was prescribed flucloxacillin for 2 weeks to treat strepp pneumonia three years ago. It worked well, I did not feel brilliant taking it but stuck it out, it cleared the strepp so that is good news, not sure what strength you will be on.

I usually have low level HI infection which I am controlling by using a Lung Flute mucus clearing device, this works for me but it is "hard work" !

I saw a lung consultant yesterday who said "infection of some sort will always be present with bronchiectasis". I did not like hearing this, who would, so I will continue with my personal methods of trying to stay as well as possible. Although I'm thankful for the help these antibiotics give, taking them for prolonged time can upset the gut flora so don't forget to take acidophilus, good ones.

Hope you soon feel better.



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