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A attack

Went up the garden this afternoon and i was going to cut about 8 very thin tigs that has

grown up between the garden path and the greenhouse cut two with a saw and then

it started i could not breath and neely had a full on attacyoungest son tech my blue

pump and i took 3 pumps then a nother 3 and then a nother 3 then i was alright.when i

was alright the wife told my to go in .as she said her and my son will finish it .

Is that i got to look fowood to is now watch other people do my work i could do my self last year . I have copd

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Thanks i will phone them i morning .

I am frietend i can not look after the caravan we got .

As the wife can not do them as she has asmar and she is a diabetic as well so she can not yous any Sprays at all not even the ones you clean the kitchen with.

If cutting two twigs sent me over what will the caravans have on me ? ?.


Hi David. You will probably find you can still do most things but perhaps more slowly. Lung problems are nasty and can slow you down. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to do anything. Even the most severely ill here can do some things. So please don't be too downhearted. You will learn what you can and can't do with experience.

Bev x


I agree with hypercat ... Worrying will just make you feel no better take things slow like she says and give BLF a call thay sre very good and always happy to help

All the best daz :)


Is bad ... But like most on here is somthing we have to get use too ... I was just going to post story on here i find relivent to us suffers

Maily i am after feed back as am no expert .... A was reading story anout these sport stars and how if thay use anti-inflamatry drugs it counter acts there recovery and takes longer

These are healthy people exerciseing ... Now we are sick and as we are taking anti-inflamatry drugs to its inportant we only do very light exercise to help our recovery or we to could be doing more harm than good


Hi David

We have all been though (and I really mean All) been through that which you are going through, but please remember COPD is not a Death Sentence, more of a Life Sentence (LOL). You will need to pace yourself in future. If you have not already done so, get thoroughly checked out by your doctor - preferable a respiritory specialist - and sign up for a Pulmonary Rehab Course. Continued exercise, or starting an exercise regime is very important. Try not to be anxious or depressed - you are not alone.

Best wishes - Martin


Instead of cutting two and getting breathless. Cut one, even half way through, and take a breather. It may take longer to do the job but at least you have done it yourself. Just try and pace yourself and take your time.



Bless you Cat-tonic!

David-12 and in fact anyone else please do call us here at the helpline if you would like to have a chat, in confidence about what you can or even can't or struggle to do.... a problem shared etc. Between us all we may come up with some strategies to help you to manage. Well done for the job done so far tho and take pride in yourself (but maybe go a little easier on yourself too!). Its a balancing act I'm afraid as I'm sure others will verify.

It would be good to speak to you at some point - or of course you can email me if you prefer.

Take care and keep smiling.



A nasty shock david12 sometimes happens when what we can do has changed but we have'nt noticed until cutting twigs brings the struggle where it can't be ignored.

Good luck coping with this terrible condition.


Hi David, I like most on here totally understand how you feel, when you have had a life of doing everything around the home/garden without a second thought then suddenly you realise you can't do it anymore. I know It's frustrating but, take step back and let others help you !!!

18 months ago I wouldn't have thought twice about getting the ladder and crawler out and climb up onto the roof to erect an aerial or point the ridge tiles but, just like yourself we have to admit to ourselves that it's our illness that's preventing us from doing these kind of jobs. You have not suddenly become a failure David. I know and understand perfectly well it's frustrating to have to ask someone for help but if you don't ask and keep taking the risk, one day you will be on your own, have an attack and there will be no one there to get your medication for you. Take a step back David and let your son help you. If he's anything like my son he will only be too happy to help.

Good luck mate, and take it easy.



Oh how we know that feeling David, and it is about learning to accept our limitations and ask for help. But you did remind me of the added difficulty for those of us who have no one to bring the drugs out for us and the initial fear when you start to feel ill. Also all the risks we take doing quite simple jobs due to our illness or disability and no helping hands available.Hope in future you will let your family take the load you can no longewr manage and not make yourself ill.Please do not see yourself as a failure, take stock of what you still can do to spite your illness and take your time doing it.


Thanks for all the advice from now onion will level it all up to them and watch them



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