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Things I miss most but then again!

(1) Riding my motorcycle (I still have it but it looks very sorry for itself)

(2) Going for long walks (even where there are hills) without gasping for air

(3) Traveling on holiday by plane, boat, car, train - in fact any darn means of travel

(4) Waking up in the morning after a restful 8 hours of sleep

(5) Taking a morning shower - also without gasping for air

Things I can still do:-

(6) Welcome a bright and sunny new day

(7) Chat on the phone - to whoever will listen to me

(8) Sweep the yard - although not without a couple of rest stops

(9) Play with the grandchildren - but not football or other energetic games

(10) Paint the house - although other have to do the sanding!

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This is positivity at its best, Martin! A good outlook ...all the best..Annie80


Most of all I miss taking my grandchildren for walks along our country lanes the same lanes that I took my own children for walks.

But I can still do jigsaws with them, board games, sit at the breakfast table with them and most of all I can give them a big hug, many of my friends didn't even live to see their grandchildren, so I am lucky.

Lib xx


make the best of your life ,my friend ,you still do a lot o' damage yet ,i have copd ,short o' breath most of the time,,,,so what !!! lovely morning here in scotland''later on i will digging my '''tattie patch....i will have many rests......but ill get it done lol ........./72 yrs old x miner lol


The new found things I can do are those that I never dreamed I could do before.


Hiya Martin, read your blog and thought , maybe , if your interested, I could take you out for a run round on the recently acquired FJ1200, its in for a major service at the mo, but you have only to say the word mate . always happy to discuss my riding credentials, but maybe not in public. suffice it to say in over 40 years of biking I've never had an accident..keep doing what you can, and don't let it get you down. Cheers.


Hi Chris - I wish I could take you up on your office but I'm a bit far away in Brisbane, Oz. As I think I related before I have done a couple of Alpine trips one on a KTM and the other on a Honda 1300 - both rented obviously. I can still ride a bike, as it takes not real exertion (well not much!) the problem is getting it out of its little parking space in my garage - its a real bugger! Are you still thinking of going for a distance ride to Europe?


Trust me to get it wrong, sorry Martin it hadn't dawned on me that you lived i Australia, perhaps that may just be a little too far to pop round on a Sunday morning ,the FJ has a reputation as a fine touring bike but that may be taking its capabilities to extremes, mine too ha ha .Like yourself I have no prob once I am on the move, but getting togged up=out of breath, walking to bike=out of breath. Because we are on the boat the bike has to stay on the bank and to negotiate the route to the nearest road means riding very carefully along to side of the canal and then up and over a big pedestrian bridge, which needless to say = out of breath. This got so bad that I had to buy a new helmet with a flip up front so I didn't feel claustrophobic while carrying out these manouvres. I went out on a 90 mile journey yesterday to deliver the bike to the workshop of the FJ owners club, its going to have what they call "The full monty". No mate this has nothing to do with men taking all their kit of but the most thorough front to back service I have ever heard of.(That last bit may be lost on you if you haven't seen the film of the same name). the trip to Europe is on hold this year, but a trip around the coast of Cornwall is now on the cards for late April, starting in Paignton, we have 18 days to go where we please. I cant wait.Nice to correspond , take care and dont let the bugger get you down, . 8-)


Oh you men and your bikes,,,being just a mere female,,but i,m lucky as i get to watch the bikers at weekends come thru on the coast road from Weymouth usually heading to West Bay,,or if i,m in a good mood will drive over there to chat to some of them,,,have known lots of them for yrs,,,oh so wish i could roll back the clock for a few hrs of the reedom on a bike,,,passenger of course,,,





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