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A lovely weekend-how was yours?

Fresh air in the garden,fresh air on the banks of the river Trent..What a lovely weekend .really perked me up.I have not felt so well for ages. Topped of this afternoon with our great nephew for lunch.


Remember life is a game

Win or lose ,it's all the same

You live and you die,just don't let it pass you by

You have choices to make,you have chances to take

You will laugh,you will love and you will cry

But don't let a moment.not one precious moment,

Don't let a moment pass you by.

Richard Cornish


Don't let your Breathe Easy group moment pass you by.

Join BE for free ,details from BLF on 03000 030 555

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Simple, beautiful words - thank you King - bye from Annie x


Simple,like me!


NO not simple like you ...words fail me.


you ate your great nephew?


Please don't tell anyone!



Lynne xx


Nice words and sunshine brightens up the day


I love this!Thankyou!I'm glad you had a good weekend, I had a nice weekend as well, we planted lots of little spruce trees! I just kind of stood by and watched realy, it was lovely to be out! :) xxx


I thouroughly enjoyed it


Snicker , at your post haveing just told ,you about mine. Tell you what though' I feel great having had to cope ( now very slightly sloshed ...first scotch for months luvverly) or just a few more!!



OH Dear!


Iv'e had a pretty good day today King. I drove over to the west side of the Malvern Hills too Colwall to visit my 80 year old dad. He never ceases to amaize me as he still maintains a large vegatable and flower garden, walks 2 dogs across the local fields and must cover at least 3 to 4 miles every day. If I go for a walk with him I can't keep up, even on a very high oxygen setting. I can see it hurts him to see me huffing and puffing but we take a few stops and take in the fantastic views on offer. We enjoy the moments we have together and thats what life is all about. Simple moments in time, no big money splashed out, spending quality time with the ones you love. Just Magic! :) I'm now looking forward to my local breathe easy session on Tuesday morning where there's more quality time to be had with my good friends. You got me going again there King, I hope you continue to have a great week. Tony.


Loverly words and so pleased you enjoyed your weekend - will also take on board that great nephews make a tasty lunch ! lol BBxx


How lovely to hear you had such a lovely weekend, lifts the spirits and what lovely words.

Ju xx


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