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I av been diagnosed with adult onset asthma after years of exercise induced asthma.In june of last year, I was diagnosed with pneumonia, with a retrospective diagnosis of whooping cough. From an asthma point of view, my symptoms do not seem to be improving, I am not showing response to prescribed inhalers. A chest xray has shown a negative result, sputum sample didnt culture any fungus/bacteria. I have never been told the values of my blood samples, but I trust nothing major was flagged up as nothing has been discussed. My spirometer results shown that despite my age of 43, and a ten year career as a fitness intructor (still working when able) I have the lung age of 58yrs!! My peak flows when well, hit 500, but I hazard a guess that cardiovascularly, I am above average, so what reads as 'normal range' for Mrs Average, can actually be my below average. I have been very symptomatic with peak flows of 320!! I am constantly producing green mucous (negative culture) constantly feel like I cannot get enough air in my lungs, feel like my chest is uber tight. My symptoms are exaccerbated when I am in bed, after a couple of hours I awake with the need to take salbutamol inhalers. I am at my wits end. I am begining to get extremely concerned that something more sinister is going on, but being missed :( I am currently taking 60mgs of prednisolone, finishing a course of clarithromycin and my breathing difficulties continue. Please help x

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  • you tell your doctor about it

  • you need to tell your doctore soon as possible good luck

  • Really feel that you should consult your doctor without delay. Or you could ring the BLF nurse. Tel.03000 030 555 All the best Annie80

  • I agree with the other members Gladys, a full and frank discussion of your concerns with your GP or your respiratory consultant. Alternatively, call BLF Helpline tomorrow they will listen and offer appropriate advice and recommendations.

    Good luck and I hope you manage to find a satisfactory solution to your problem(s). All the best xx

  • I agree with others ... Early diagnoses right medication follow up treatment is vital with any

    lung condition

    All the best :)

  • seem to me you have a bacterial infection in your lungs ,could it be bronchitis ? the only way this can be cleared is by a course of antibiotics ,discuss this with your p/nurse ,as you have age on your side,iam sure you will soon see a big improvement ,try not too get to stressed out my friend........we have all been there

  • Hi Meldrum, dazisnotsogood, elian, annie80, 123podmore. Just to bring you up to speed, took on board all your advises, called the helpline and the nurse was lovely, and basically reiterated what you guys have said....... Appt with GP, So back I went. I have been sent for complete bloodwork including liver and thyroid function, full blood count, and a multitude of more, xray is to be repeated, and depending on the results, a referal to a respiratory specialist. Meldrum, I have just completed a two week course of clarithromycin, and 60mgs of prednisolone daily, sputum specimen showed no bacteria or fungus, however..... having sent the specimen whilst mid course of clarithro, the result may well be dubious. In the meantime I have to continue with inhalers, and struggle on. Would a disappearance of my periods be related to this in anyway??? Last one 30th dec last year!! Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond to me, so kind and made me smile! Thank you guys x

  • A think you have copd ... I started of like you have described lots of mucus breathing walking problems ect ect ..... Think you need ct scan at least your going to referd to speclist ... And that is good news

    All the best :)

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