Things are can't live without

Apart from my medications and my wife (not necessarily in that order LOL) There are a number of things I just can't live without. They include: (1) sugar-free chewing gum (because it keeps my mouth moist and my teeth unfurry! (2) saline nasal spray (FESS in Oz) which I use quite liberally as it moistens my nose and loosens the accumulated mucus both in my nose and also my throat (many of us suffer from sinusitis or post-nasal drip) - its not magic but it helps. (3) my exercise bike (for obvious reasons, and I am ignoring my treadmill - also for obvious reasons - too hard work unless I am feeling really good or need to engage in some masochism! (4) my massage chair which eases the muscles in my back - used regularly.

Without them life would be a little harder to cope with.

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  • That sounds like great stuff ... :p

    Al the best :)

  • Get new wife?

  • OH Well really!!

  • i couldn't live without my nasal spray, or my husband. Havn't got a massage chair - sounds good ! havn't got an exercise bike - dosn't sound so good.

    Lib x

  • I couldn't live without my husband. The other week he was away all week and I hadn't appreciated just how much he does for me. I'm still in bed and he has got up to deal with Ocado shopping - which is early. I have told him how much I appreciate him.


  • A little appreciation goes along along along way


  • I couldn't live without my wife,chief cook and bottle washer,teas maid,shoe shiner,comforter,duvet partner(lets me share it sometimes),my rock.


  • Do you rent her out?

  • It wouldn't be cost effective.A replacement for time away would be exhorbitant,and they probably would not take to be ordering around to kindly,or under the duvet.


  • I will not be with out mine as the rock of my life for 37 years .

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