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Has anyone used hypnosis to quit smoking?

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I never tried it but I was a VERY HEAVY smoker I am ashamed to tell you how many I used to smoke lol I was very addicted to the demon Nic I tried the tablets under the tongue I stopped there and then you can put more than 1 if it is not enough to kill the craving after 4 days the addiction had gone that was 15 years ago and the best thing that I ever did there is also a nasal spray and that also works very well hope this will help good luck

I went to see a hypno-therapist once. He advertised that he would stop anyone smoking with his methods. I paid £35 for the first session, and got a CD of soothing sounds, with his voice telling me to persevere and not give in. He played some music at the session, which was in his front room. He had a sort of doctor's couch at one end, slightly tilted. The lighting was low and he sat at the other end of the room talking, as he did his email, played a computer game, and had a ciggy!

No matter what he said or did, I was not relaxed and could not concentrate on his voice. He muttered to himself and when I asked him what he said he said that wasn't for me, he was talking to the computer !

The session ended, I went outside and started walking towards the bus stop. The first thing I did was to have a cig. I tried his CD at home, but could not take him seriously after he'd smoked while I was there. I called him to arrange another session, telling him the disc wasn't working. He said to keep at it and if it still didn't work after 10 weeks to call him again. I didn't I just took it I had been conned.

My 2nd wife had recommended him, she says she stopped after seeing him only 4-5 times. Maybe he has a different technique with women...

A few years later I started attending a NHS Smokefree session at a community centre, free, every week. They arranged a prescription for Champix through my GP, I stopped.


I went to a hypnotherapist about 20 years ago. The first session he just put me in a trance to see if I was suitable. I had to pay for that. The second session he used imagery ie imagine a big hole and all the ciggie in it. And think of a lovely clean smelling room with the windows open with the smell of flowers and fresh air. And other ones which I can't remember now. I didn't want a ciggie ages and cut down to half without any effort. The third and last session to stop completely didn't work and I wanted a fag as soon as I left. So partial success. He did seem to know what he was doing though.

It does work for some people so I think its worth trying.

Bev x

Tried it, didn’t work for me but this did.................you have to carry on smoking while reading the book...........it's a box full of tools that work.


Good Luck and best wishes.


young_one in reply to Davybaby

I read this book too, I also had support from the no smoking nurse and I used patches and gum.

IMO if you wanna stop you need to really hit it hard and do everything in one go.

Good luck x

I tried the Paul McKenna Quit Smoking book and CD. Copied the CD to mp3 and laid on the bed in a dark room with headphones on to listen to it ... dropped to sleep! Tried three times before giving up but feeling very refreshed!

I found that, after 40 a day for 40 years, it wasn't an addiction but a habit! I was deciding to stop: tried to book a doctors appointment to talk about stopping whilst having a flu jab (they refused because it was Saturday!), I ordered the "Quit-kit" but (for me) it was rubbish, I bought the Paul McKenna book (dropped to sleep) - nothing seemed to be working BUT it "got my head into the right place!

Caught a bad cold (nothing more than that), felt rough and so I stopped! That was it, no gadgets, no helpers ... just stopped. I think i was just ready to stop and it made it easy ... that was 15 months ago - not touched one since (although the wife still smokes).

Whatever works for you - I wish you all the best and hope you find it as easy as I did when your stopping time comes.

hev67 in reply to y_not

Thank u this has helped me loads my husband still smokes so its nice to hear someone who has kicked the habit even though temptation is still there infront of u. Thank u. x

I am half way through a course to help with panic attacks, not quite the same I know. His first words were 'this will only work if you want it too'.

It does not work if you have been pushed to go by some one else.

My GP said there are a lot of charlatans out there, just beware where you spend your money.

Does it work, YES it does for me just two sessions and life is a lot easier,

Read more by typing Hypnotherapy in the search box at the top of the page

hev67 in reply to moneal

Thank u im so pleased it has worked for u, luckily i have a friend of a friend who is a qualified hypnotherapist who has kindly offered to do 2 free sessions for me so it definately worth trying got nothing to lose. im booked in tomorrow so will let u no how it goes. fingers crossed it works. x

I tried to stop smoking for several years using different approaches. One of these was hypnosis. It didn't work for me at all. Other methods also failed. I'm convinced that for every smoker there is a method which works, maybe more than one.

Allen Carr, there's an Amazon link earlier in this thread, is the one which worked for me and for many of my friends. I've posted in other threads about the technique so I won't bore you all again. But forty a day to nil overnight with very little discomfort is what it did for me over sixteen years ago. I've never looked back. Worth a try.

hev67 in reply to WeymouthJohn

Thank u for your advice i have got the book and have read it once, am about to start reading again, it is a fantastic book and has certainly changed my way of thinking towards smoking so hopefully will work this time. Booked in for hypnosis tomorrow so will let u no if works or if im still puffing away lol. x

WeymouthJohn in reply to hev67

Good luck with the book. It was third time lucky with me. I made a wee mistake - it was fifty a day to nil not just forty!

I should have added, that just like y_not I gave up smoking because I finally found a reason to do it. After lots of failed attempts I was driving to work coughing my heart up and trying to light up, at that point I thought this is silly and just stopped. But it took something to kick me into action. Annoying part, it took my family a week or so to notice even though they had nagged me for months.

Good luck, don't expect instant improvement, it takes a while to feel any benefits, as my consultant said ' The improvement in your case is you are still alive.


With respect, I suggest you read thoroughly and digest the many posts on here from people who's lives have been ruined by smoking, THEN give it up for your own sake; you don't need crutches!

I stopped 15 years ago now I've just started again