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Mobile phone etiquette Hee HEE

Mobile Phone Etiquette.

After a tiring day at the office,a commuter settled down in her seat and closed her eyes.

As the train pulled out of the station,the guy sitting next to her pulled out his moblie phone and started talking in a loud voice :

'' Hi sweetheart .It's Eric.I'm on the train.''

''Yes I know it's six thirty and not four thirty,but I had a long meeting.''

''\No honey,not with that blonde from the accounts office.It was with the boss.''

''No sweetheart,you're the only one in my life.''

Yes,I'm sure,cross my heart.''

Fifteen minutes later,he was still talking loudly.

When the young woman sittting next to him had enough,she leaned over

and said into his phone

''Eric,hang up the phone and come back to bed.''

(Eric doesn't use his mobile phone in public any longer)


Richard Cornish


You can use your mobile phone to phone the BLF Helpline 03000 030 555

for details on joining your local Breathe Easy group.

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Good one, King. I can tell a true one. Husband on coach. Chinese lady on the mobile, speaking in Chinese at the top of her voice. This went on for nearly 30 minutes. Husband gets up and does a loud SH! Chinese lady does a runner into the loo, still talking. The rest of the coach applauded.

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He had to 'coach' her to the loo. Or was it skip to the loo my darling?

Neither - he and the rest of the coach had been demobilised.

:D :D :D !! X

There should be a lot more reformed Erics in this world. Don't you just hate those ignorant people who are full of thier own self importance and seem to think we are interested in thier boring conversation. once again a good laugh King.

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I quite agree with you Dall


LMAO ! :)

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A cure for those who walk around talking loudly to themselves, if they have a phone and not insanity that they would drive the quiet insane with.

Bring back phoneboxes and private conversation.

How about party lines.Then you could listen to others conversations if you wanted to.


many moons ago i was a landlady in a local pup when a customer had a call on his mobile,after a while the conversation got quite heated and the shouting was getting louder much to the dismay of all the other customers who had come in for a quite drink and to unwind after work.... then the bad language started....i asked him to keep his voice down but he was oblivious to everything i said apart from telling me to f..k off so i waited till he was off guard and grabbed the phone out of his hands,ran out side and used it as a frizbee and then i walked back on to the bar and continued to serve.The man was speechless and then he left.We found out later that the man was a doctor.....im just pleased that he wasnt mine

Takes all sorts ,never judge a book by it's phone!


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