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Touring caravan and using oxygen

It's been only 6 month since the diagnosis of IPF. Our holidays were taking the caravan to various sites around the country and enjoying the countryside. Some sites with electricity and for weekends some with no electricity or facilities.

As he is now on oxygen at night (using a concentrator) and during the day when active, has anyone any experience of using a touring caravan with oxygen.

At the moment I can't see how we could continue to use the caravan even if we had electricity, it is only a small van and there would not been enough room for the concentrator. Also we would be cooking on gas and we were told that oxygen should not be used in the same room as a naked flame. There is only one room in our caravan.

Has anyone got any experience of caravaning with oxygen please or are we looking at accepting it will never be used again and we should sell it.

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My neighbour has COPD and he uses a portable Oxygen it would run off his car battery he went away every weekend and all through the summer holidays hope this helps


sounds like would be simpler with ambulatory cylinders , suppose you would need quite a few,

you could most probably arrange to pick up replacements at some agreed point along the way.

I,m sure someone who knows more of travelling with oxygen will be along to advise further.

Best of luck.... Ivyleaf.


We have a little 14ft caravan which we use in the summer, I ring Air Liquide, who are my oxygen supplier, a fortnight before we are going and they bring me a portable concentrator to my home and collect it after I come back. As we cannot use gas to cook by in the caravan we have put a board on top of the cooker and it is stood on there then I hook the tube above the cupboards in adhesive hooks to keep it off the floor, you will have to ask when you order to make sure they bring you a long enough tube. You will have to have electric hook-up but that is small price to pay to get away. I use a microwave for cooking or you can get a little electric oven. If the site has somewhere they can put a dewar for you like a shed or somewhere, the oxygen company will deliver one to the site for you. I use the concentrator in the cigarette lighter when we are travelling to the site and my Helios cylinder filled from the dewar when we go out in the day. I hope this has helped and you have many more trips in your caravan.

Carole x


My husband is on oxygen 24/7 we are with Dolby Vivisol. They povided us with a portable concentrator which was delivered to our home to use in our touring caravan last summer for 10 days. Obviously we had electric hook up. Our caravan is 5 berth, there are 6 of us four adults and two children. We managed very well the concentrator was run overnight and we had no problems

The portable concentrators are smaller than the ones for use at home if I were you I least give it a try and good luck.

Must admit we have not thought of running it from the car battery a great idea..



I was diagnosed with IDF five years ago but I still go away in our caravan, at first I put my car close to the van and put a portable concentrator on the back seat with the leads and hoses through the window with a sheet of plastic sheet cut and shaped to fit over the top of the door. Keep on caravanning as long as you are fit



Hello there...... I also caravan ... and find a portable oxygen concentrator to be the best thing i have ever hired... i am thinking about purchasing one soon though. I use a company who are just brillinat.. they can hire sell... and provide you with everything you require. I have hired from them about 5 times now.. the service, back up, and staff are just amazing. they do all the work so you can just arrange your holiday. I have also flown with their concentrators all faa approved.. brilliant. I would call them.. see what your options are..... the company is Pure 02 .

I hope this helps. good luck.

Loulou blue


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