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Fags. and air

O air were are you o air.

My master is calling you o air.

He's looked i the bags o air.

He's looked in the metal container o air.

His eyes are closeing o air.

my friends are stopping o air.

Come on back we need you o air.

The Fags have gone and not coming back o air.

Is it to late o air.

Is it to late o air

his eyes are closeing o air.

My friends are stopping my body is weeping o air.

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o air, didn,t quite get the gist of that but got the message that you have given up smoking. Well done and dont surrender to the fag.


O David, thats very good, don't forget if you are giving up fags, they're not your friend ,just the opposite and they put you here and labled you a c o p der, breathe in clear,fresh o air, nothing quite like it! x


Yep - put as much air as you can between you and the fags ! :D


Don't forget o air.keep talking to my mate WILL POWER


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