has this happened to anyone else

has this ever happend to anyone... sometimes when im walking i stop to try to reach for a high breath ( not breathles) like you know when you want to yawn or sigh and i cant get there to that high bit

not sure if this is to do with this copd or in my mind or me getting in a panic but i can remember this did happen to me when i were very young but it seems to have come back after being diagnosed with copd but it comes and goes

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  • Hi Music, try doing your pursed breathing for a little while then try again.

    I often have a prolonged unforced pursed lip exhale, pause, then have a wonderful full in breath, makes me feel so good I smile. Give it a try, good luck.


  • will do thanks homebreeze

  • Come to think of it try raising your arms above your shoulders on the deep in breath just to open the top of your lungs.

    Good luck,


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